Tony Tee Neto


“I’m exclusively weddings.”

With his long history in the industry rooted in the New Jersey & New York bars and clubs, Tony is a consummate professional who specializes in wedding celebrations. Ask him why he’s chosen that specialty, and he’ll answer, “Honestly, because it’s a huge honor, and … I love them!”

“I’m a Professional Master of Ceremonies.”

There aren’t many in the private event entertainment circle who have mastery over both the music and the microphone – like Tony Tee Neto.  The combination of a professional-yet-relaxed-and-natural mic presence, plus exceptional music mixing and programming are the perfect combination for a successful event.  He approaches every event with complete professionalism, while at the same time, making every guest feel comfortable enough to let loose!

“And I’m in Voiceover production.”

Having a professional voiceover producer, artist, and studio as part of the SCE collaborative is extremely beneficial to us and our couples. Not only does Tee produce all of SCE’s audio branding and mastering, but his studio is a well-known resource inside the industry. His voice and production have been heard on FM radio all over the tri-state area, and on web promos world-wide. 

“I’m a planner. Seriously.”

How much planning does it take to execute an event? 

“You have no idea!” is his answer. 

Emails. Texts. Meetings. He does whatever it takes to make sure he’s got everything covered, which is why his events seem so effortless to his couples (even to his team!). 

Tee’s motto is “Prepare meticulously. Execute flawlessly. Then, we party!”

Words to live by and build a career on. 

Tony’s approach to private event hosting is personal, professional and fun-loving. His execution is absolutely top-notch, making him an asset to any event. His passion for his couples and their celebrations keeps him in high demand and at the top of his field.


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    t2 Highlights:

  • Webster Hall Nightclub radio spots: production & voiceover
  • Wedding Wire Celebrate 2016: onstage DJ
  • Wedding Wire World 2016: backstage production
  • SCE Radio: mixes and production, podcast
  • Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2017, 2016: pre-production, voiceover
  • DJ Times Expo 2016, 2015: Bose Sound live DJ
  • DJ Times Expo 2013: All-Star MC presenter
  • commercials on Z100, KTU, Power 105: production & voice
  • t2 Blender mixshow: streaming & podcast

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