Pricing for wedding entertainment can vary wildly … like anything else you might purchase. Whether it’s a meal at a great restaurant, a new suit or dress, or even a new car, you’ll get what tastes right, looks great, and drives perfectly according to you. 

We are a service business, and although many companies in our industry may have similarly titled options or offerings, if you do some homework, you soon will discover that there is a difference.  The costs for all these services and experiences will vary from company to company and professional to professional, based on the quality, experience and the team/technology invested into each presentation.

SCE offers three pricing options which are based on each host’s demand and booking availability.  

Starting at $1750 (In-Season) | $1500 (Off-Season)

Jason Cohen  Rutgers Tailgate DJ, All Star Party DJ and MC

Chris Atwood - Party Rock DJ and MC with charismatic soul

Dexter Felicano - Party Rock DJ with Energy

Seth Velez  Party DJ and MC

Chris Obando  Party DJ and Bi-lingual Spanish Speaking MC

Bob LaFauci –Party DJ, and Outgoing MC

(Wedding entertainment presentations averages around $1500 to $3500 in this investment area) 

Starting at $2250 (In-Season) | $2000 (Off-Season)

Jeff Scott Gould – Event Host, Creative VJ, DJ, All Star Party Rocker & Media Guru

Paul Knox – Event Host, DJ, High Energy Reality TV Superstar DJ

Tony Tee Neto Event Host, DJ, SCE’s in-house Super Talented Voice-Over Artist

Christian LaGrotteria – Event Host, DJ, Super star party rocker

Nick Spinelli – Event Host, DJ, and All star party rocker.

(Wedding entertainment presentations averages around $2500 to $4500 in this investment area) 

Starting at $3500 (In-Season) | $3000 (Off-Season)

Jason Jani – SCE Founder, Tastemaker, Industry Educator, Remix / Mixshow Artist, Internationally recognized Marquee Event DJ

(Wedding entertainment presentations average around $3000 to $6500 in this investment area)


1. SCE's extends winter incentives for "Off Season" dates to our couples for weddings that take place in the months of December 15th thru March 15th.

2.* Some SCE hosts offer incentive pricing on weddings all year held Sunday thru Thursday.

3. Off season pricing is excluded from holiday dates.

4. We also have this cool concept called NON–GUARANTEED WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT - if budget limitations restrict you from selecting one of the hosts above, you now can book the SCE brand for your day and a host is assigned to your event 30 days before your wedding. 

We’re honored to be considered for your wedding entertainment, and hope to hear from you soon. - SCE