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We are very lucky at the SCE Event Group, we help some awesome couples celebrate some of lives finest moments, locally, nationally and even internationally.  Planning a wedding outside of the United States is something that takes a considerable amount of energy.  There are so many variables, and things that come into play.  Language barriers, event expectations, logistics, travel arrangements, timeline organization, accommodations, hosting for arrival, guests stay as well as send off's, and oh yeh, the actual event itself and everything that comes with planning a wedding on top of that all, destination events are one complex thing to pull off successfully.

On March 1st, SCE was honored to assist Tara and Mike Pimco organize and host a series of amazing events that took place at the Playa Car Palace, Playa Del Carmin, and Xcaret, Mexico.  Jason Jani was selected by Tara and Mike to host and perform at a series of destination events over the course of 4 days in paradise.  Tara is the owner of Hot Mess Studio, a rockstar hair salon in Asbury Park and Mike a successful entrepreneur and former touring musician, felt it was important to bring in talent to help pull off the perfect destination wedding.  Since the team at SCE has hosted a number of events in North, Central, and South America as well as Europe, the decision to use an experienced group, that truly understood the vision of the couple was easy for them.

Along with Jason Jani, SCE's Jeff Scott Gould joined in for the trip to assist with coordination and technical support.  In addition to the crew from SCE, Mr & Mrs Pimco, brought rockstar photographer Christina Lorentzen of Christina Lilly Photography and Derek from Flora + Fauna films in to document the day (more to come later).  And that is not it....  with over 125 guests from all over the world, Sally from the Travelsmiths in Point Pleasant NJ was on site to assist with Logistical support and accommodations.  All of the Pimco guests had their travel arraignments taken care of by Sally and her team at Travelsmiths, and side note, if you are planning a trip or a destination event, they are the people you need to visit with or talk to, they rock.

We had the opportunity to be part of a couple of amazing events, including a White Pre-Reception Welcoming party on the beach at the Playa Car Palace, and the actual wedding ceremony and reception held at the national mayan park in Xcaret, and we are pumped to be able to share a few videos and images.

To properly set the stage, the pre reception white party, was the welcoming reception, for all 120+ guests that flew in to celebrate with Mike and Tara from all over the world.  The event was amazing on so many levels.  Along with the audio landscape and event direction provided by the SCE Event Group, the couple opted for white lounge furniture, a ceremony with fire dancers and a delicious mexican menu for all to enjoy.  Jason had release a video blog of this event and we welcome to you to view it below.

The white party was just the start of an amazing experience for the guests of the Pimco's to enjoy.  The actual wedding reception took place the very next day in an amazing location called Xcaret.  Truly one of the most spectacular locations the SCE Event Group has ever hosted a wedding at anywhere in the world, period.   The guests arrived by shuttle to the national park, where they were guided to a spiral fire pit lined with traditional mayan warriors who greeted the guests by blowing into conch shells as a Mayan priest chanted ancient prayers blessing the couple and their guests.  The wedding ceremony itself has orchestrated by a Mayan Shaman priest.  The groomsmen, entered to a custom remix provided by Jason Jani of John Lennon's "Imagine" infused with some Van Halen "Jump".  After the gentlemen made their way down the spiral ruins, the bridesmaids entered to an extended version of "Game of Thrones".  Tara the bride then entered to an acoustic edit of "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters. Pretty cool right?  We thought so :) It was epic.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, guests were escorted through a rock quarry cave into the reception space that was adorned with candles, and a tremendous canopy made of leaves.  The space was magnificent and lit perfectly with candles on the walkways and in the river that flowed throughout the caves and reception space.  As the guests entered the reception space they were greeted by an acoustic guitar player for the cocktail hour.  At the conclusion of the cocktail hour, Jason Jani hosted the bridal introductions that were action packed - and everything came together in SCE fashion.  The couple selected individual songs in order to personalize the introductions for all 16 members of their bridal entourage.  When it was time for the grand introductions, the couple entered to "Tidal Wave" a hit from Mike's band named Kid with Man Head.  After the entrance to the room, Mike and Tara shared there first dance to "Dig" by Incubus.... and dances with their parents - following north american wedding tradition.  From there the party began to take shape as Jason incorporated a mix of the 70s, 80s, 90s and some tunes from today.  From rock to feel good hip hop to some top 40 dance, the dance floor kept most guest entertained for the evening.  Even the first time ever captured of the guest jumping in the river that flows throughout the reception area and caves leading into it... while the last song "Hotel California" by Kid with Man Head rang out loud.  The music format was open and the guests truly danced the evening away.  We thought it was only appropriate to share the amazing film provided and edited by Derek from Flora + Fauna.  It truly captures the magic that took place for this amazing destination wedding celebration.

Tara + Mike : Playa Del Carmen, Mexico from Flora + Fauna on Vimeo.
We thought it was only right to also show some of the amazing images captured by Christina of Christina Lilly Photography.  So check out the images below.

Destination events are truly amazing but they are a ton of work.  Magic doesn't just happen and we at the SCE Event Group are honored to take part in many destination events over the course of every year.  If you are considering a destination event, and would like to set up a consultation with Jason Jani, Jeff Scott Gould or any of the professionals at SCE that are available for national or international bookings, please give us a call 888-278-0900.
Lots of love go our to the following professionals and resources that assisted in making this event possible:
Tara + Mike Pimco and their loving family and rockstar friends.
Sally Jane and Ashley from the Travelsmiths
Christina Lorentzen from Christina Lilly Photography
Derek from Flora and Fauna Films
Christiana from Xcaret National Park
The entire hospitality team at the Playa Car Palace
Cadmiel Hernandez Ramos from Mayan Sound
Jaun from JSAV
At SCE, we understand the importance of incredible entertainment, we know what it takes to pull off a successful event and we love to fly coach.  All things that are needed to pull together an amazing international wedding for people to enjoy.   This experience was amazing in so many ways.  We learned a number of things about culture, international events, traveling, visas, and tequila.  We are honored that we can share this with you, and hope to inspire someone somewhere to consider using us at SCE for an international event in the future :)

Much love - Jason Jani