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How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 3 of 5

How much is a wedding dj in NJ How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 3 of 5

by Tony Tee Neto: SCE Event Host & Audio Specialist

So far, I’ve given you a couple of thoughts on how you might choose the right entertainment company for your wedding celebration. Starting the process by doing a little research on them is a great first step in narrowing down the search. And setting up a get-together with the actual person who’ll be responsible for bringing your guests together on the dance floor will help determine if there’s chemistry.

But maybe just one more question before confirming that meeting ...

  • 3- Full-Time or Part-Time?

Once you’ve found a candidate to host your celebration, make sure to ask whether your entertainer is a full-time wedding professional, or if he does it “on the side.” There are plenty of newcomers and even some experienced DJs who have regular employment and play weddings on the weekend. Maybe they do it as a hobby or for extra money.

We completely understand, and we’re not knocking it.

It could become an issue, however, when it comes to timeliness in communication and responding to your emails or phone calls. A response from his “daytime desk while the boss isn’t around” isn’t really professional, nor does it exude confidence that they’re paying attention to your needs. Perhaps paperwork gets misplaced or lost in the shuffle without a dedicated work space on their part. Maybe details get overlooked because of lack of focus on your event.

Very often, this is also the biggest factor in determining your entertainment’s cost. When your DJ is lightly invested in your event and treats it like “extra money,” they will usually charge accordingly.

On the other hand, a full-time, reputable wedding professional is completely dedicated to their clients’ satisfaction and dependent on making that day a complete success!

The point is that your wedding entertainment professionals should take your celebration details as seriously as you do. Speaking personally, this is my livelihood. It’s my career. So our reputation depends on planning and playing an amazing celebration with our Rockstar couples!


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How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 2 of 5

How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 2 of 5by Tony Tee Neto: SCE Event Host & Audio Specialist

In the last segment (IF YOU MISSED IT CLICK HERE), I stressed how important it was to start off by vetting your entertainment professional. Exploring your network and doing a little research can help you find just the right one to make your celebration amazing and stress-free.

Once you’ve found a likely candidate, make that call, send that email, and set up a chat to get to know each other. Most companies will encourage a face-to-face meeting at their office, like we do at SCE. But we understand that everyone’s time is valuable, and this is a pretty busy period in your life on top of your regular day-to-day. So, we happily entertain FaceTime or Skype calls. It’s almost as good as being there in person, and you can be in your most comfortable (and convenient) surroundings. Even a phone call can tell you a lot about whether you’re a good fit.

So, when you do set up that date ...

Confirm who you’re meeting

We’re proud of the fact that when you decide to meet one of SCE’s talented professionals, you’ll be meeting the Event Host of your choice-- the very same one who’ll be with you during your planning process; and the one who will be there for you on the big day! We think it’s so important to explore chemistry and establish a relationship right from the start, and I personally love this part. At SCE, we dont do sales people, we dont try to push you into decisions that you may not be ready to make.  We want you to learn about who we are, how we are able to do what we do, maybe even show you recent video footage of us in action at your venue and of course, answer any questions you may have about the celebration that we can.

You might find that another company has set an appointment with a salesperson. If you’re comfortable with that, then treat this as an informational session. Get a feel for how the company does business, their approach to planning your celebration, etc. It’s still a good idea to meet your actual DJ/MC. Everyone’s personality might not click right away, so explore the relationship.

When any one of SCE’s Event Hosts, receives the honor of hosting your celebration, we consider it a huge compliment! The moment we grab the microphone and welcome your guests on your behalf, we become your ambassador at one of the most important celebrations you’ll ever plan.

Your choice of Master of Ceremonies and DJ ultimately reflects on you, so get to know each other a little bit and make sure you’re comfortable with your choice. And it all starts with that first handshake.

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Destination Events with the SCE Event Group, available worldwide

Destination Events with the NJ based SCE Event Group The award winning team at the NJ based SCE Event Group are available to host, DJ and be featured at events worldwide.  Yes, it’s true... you do not have to be in the Tri-State area to have SCE talent at your upcoming Wedding, Social or Corporate Event.

We love what we do, and we are honored to have been able to help couples, celebrities,  planners, and organizations celebrate some of life’s finest moments all of over the world. From London to Los Angeles, Phoenix to Sioux Falls, South America, North America and Europe, the SCE Event Group, has been featured at some amazing events over the past couple of years.

Having our talent doesn’t require a ridiculous rider with requirements like green M&Ms and overpriced bottles of H20, MOET or some fancy food from some exotic land.  We love to fly coach, and are happy to do so to make sure your vision is brought to life in style at your upcoming event.  The SCE Event Group entertainment boutique experience doesn't need to be limited to just providing music.  Our team can offer a broad portfolio of services at locations outside of our immediate service area like: DJ, VJ, Hosting, Planning, Timeline Creation, Vender Management, Lighting Design, and Media integration to name a few. Our team will work to develop a comprehensive event game plan to ensure the vision is materialized to perfection.

So, if you are having a wedding celebration, corporate event or social gathering an interested in having one of the talented event professionals from the NJ based SCE Event Group featured as a marquee DJ, VJ or Host?

Give us a call toll free on (888) 278-0900 to discuss your upcoming affair.  We are happy to do a virtual consultation to learn about your event and your vision and to see if our talent can compliment your  vision.

Have a look below at some of the video footage captured a few recent destination events that we have been fortunate to be part of