How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 4 of 5

_______________ How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 4 of 5

by Tony Tee Neto: SCE Event Host & Audio Specialist

So you’ve vetted your choices and narrowed down the candidates. You want to get to know them a little bit. Once you schedule that important meeting into your calendar, what can you expect?

  • 4- Our First Date: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

I doExpectations of first meetings with wedding entertainment can vary wildly. I’ve spoken with couples who think we’ll be talking about music for an hour. Most will also ask, “What are your packages?” You might even ask what I wear to the event! These are valid assumptions for topics of first meetings. But you should expect a little more out of your “first date.”

At SCE, we think that talking about your wedding celebration should be more than presenting packages, collecting a deposit, and eventually showing up to play music.

After a little small talk and establishing common ground, I simply pose a question: “So, what do you see for this celebration? Do you have a vision, or are you a blank canvas?”

And I wait.

Often, couples will be a little stumped, as they’re not prepared for such an open-ended question without direction. But shouldn’t you expect your entertainment to skew their approach to your vision, to make the event truly “yours?!”

If you’re not given the opportunity to share your thoughts, how would they know?

That gets back to how important it is to meet with your actual entertainer. Hopefully, you’ve found someone you really like, and you want to convey that you’d prefer a more subtle approach. Or even the opposite, where you want it completely over the top … and they need to know that!

This really should be a first date, as we get to know you and you get to know what we bring to your event. In the end, you should have a pretty good idea whether or not your (potential) entertainer “gets it.”

By the way, if you’re a “blank canvas,” it’s perfectly fine. The SCE Team and I  understand that you become an instant “party planner” overnight, and we’re psyched to help. I personally love sharing thoughts, perspective, giving suggestions, and helping you decide on options. Because ultimately, it’s not about just playing music for a few hours. It’s about creating a great experience as you plan, and eventually executing an amazing celebration for all.



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