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Introducing the latest photo booth by SCE - The Mirror Photo Booth

We are proud to introduce the latest photo booth technology for SCE clients via Snapshot Photobooths.  Snapshot Photobooths is the exclusive photo-tainment division of the SCE Event Group that offers 8 different options of photo booth entertainment for social, nightlife and private events.

The all new Mirror booth is a refreshing alternative to the traditional or lounge photo booth solutions currently offered by SCE and Snapshot.  This booth is a pretty cool service that can be used in a lounge setting or stand alone to remix the photo booth experience for guests and party-goers anywhere.

Jason Jani took the time to produce an introduction video to this new exclusive technology offered by SCE first in the NJ private event market.

Have a look at this 3 minute video displaying how the booth works.

Additionally the Mirror Photo Booth has a number of enhanced options that can be made available for your upcoming event.  Digital Content signing, Multiple copy printing, Social Media sharing and detailing, Digital interactive engagement and a mind-blowing tech savvy super cool look.

If you are interested in learning more about this incredibly cool Mirror Photo Booth  check out this video below or contact SCE / Snapshot by completing the contact us form on our site or by giving our team a call at SCE at 888-278-0900.  Our rockstar team will be pumped to help you select the best photo booth option for your upcoming event.

How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 5 of 5

_______________ How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 5 of 5

by Tony Tee Neto: SCE Event Host & Audio Specialist

By the final part in this series, you’ve chosen a few candidates to host your wedding celebration. And in the end, it really is about the music bringing everyone together for an amazing time!

You love music?! SO DO WE! It’s actually at the core of our lives, considering we pack dance floors weekend after weekend for a living.

So when it’s finally time to wrap up planning, definitely review every detail. But ...

  • 5- Don’t Try to Program 4 Hours of Music

There are two extremes when it comes to choosing music for your reception, and neither is necessarily a good approach to programming the event.  At one end, you personally need to plan every song, maybe even certain ones in a particular order! And at the opposite end, your DJ won’t allow any input from you and is certain that last week’s playlist will hit a home run … just like the week before.

In both of these cases, neither party is allowing for any organic flow during the reception. If the couple has given an exhaustive list to the DJ that programs exactly 4 or 5 hours, they’ve eliminated the very reason for getting a trusted entertainer behind the music … or any human, for that matter.

When this is the case, there’s no room for moments to evolve, and your DJ’s creativity is completely restricted. Not to mention, you’ve created a lot of work for yourself in the process. This often comes from misunderstanding the role of your wedding entertainment, and what they can actually bring to the table to make your reception a success, besides “just playing any song.” And if it comes from the perspective that you don’t trust what they will play, then you should go back to the first part of this article and start the search over.

Conversely, your DJ should ask for input on your taste and style of music. If not, then I’m sure he does this every weekend, the exact same way, and he’s the “rockstar.”

But you probably didn’t want a “cookie cutter” for a DJ, right?

I’ll always ask for a Top 10 or so of “Must Play! I have to hear these songs at my wedding!” Those are the songs that make your reception, yours! Yes, I believe I bring plenty of experience to the table, but it’s important that I weave who you are into what I do! The event is yours, and it should reflect that.

I’ll even ask for a “Do Not Play these, because they’re nails on a chalkboard”-List. I don’t want to be murdered at the reception.

You should look for an exchange of ideas— and your choice in entertainment should also welcome that. By sharing your very special songs that trigger a memory, you’re giving us what we need so that we can use our experience to work them into what we do. And THAT’S how you get amazing moments that create unforgettable celebrations!

Hiring a professional wedding entertainer (and all other wedding professionals, too) allows for the ultimate goal: to have an amazing, stress-free wedding day! You work ridiculously hard to plan this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and you should reap the rewards of an awesome day! By taking the time to ask the right questions and connect with the right professionals, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day!


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Tony Tee Neto 

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How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 4 of 5

_______________ How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 4 of 5

by Tony Tee Neto: SCE Event Host & Audio Specialist

So you’ve vetted your choices and narrowed down the candidates. You want to get to know them a little bit. Once you schedule that important meeting into your calendar, what can you expect?

  • 4- Our First Date: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

I doExpectations of first meetings with wedding entertainment can vary wildly. I’ve spoken with couples who think we’ll be talking about music for an hour. Most will also ask, “What are your packages?” You might even ask what I wear to the event! These are valid assumptions for topics of first meetings. But you should expect a little more out of your “first date.”

At SCE, we think that talking about your wedding celebration should be more than presenting packages, collecting a deposit, and eventually showing up to play music.

After a little small talk and establishing common ground, I simply pose a question: “So, what do you see for this celebration? Do you have a vision, or are you a blank canvas?”

And I wait.

Often, couples will be a little stumped, as they’re not prepared for such an open-ended question without direction. But shouldn’t you expect your entertainment to skew their approach to your vision, to make the event truly “yours?!”

If you’re not given the opportunity to share your thoughts, how would they know?

That gets back to how important it is to meet with your actual entertainer. Hopefully, you’ve found someone you really like, and you want to convey that you’d prefer a more subtle approach. Or even the opposite, where you want it completely over the top … and they need to know that!

This really should be a first date, as we get to know you and you get to know what we bring to your event. In the end, you should have a pretty good idea whether or not your (potential) entertainer “gets it.”

By the way, if you’re a “blank canvas,” it’s perfectly fine. The SCE Team and I  understand that you become an instant “party planner” overnight, and we’re psyched to help. I personally love sharing thoughts, perspective, giving suggestions, and helping you decide on options. Because ultimately, it’s not about just playing music for a few hours. It’s about creating a great experience as you plan, and eventually executing an amazing celebration for all.



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Tony Tee Neto 

SCE Event Group

 Event Host: Master of Ceremonies, DJ

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Twitter: @TonyTeeNeto Instagram: @TonyTeeNeto Facebook: Tony Tee Neto  & Tee's DropHouse Studio on Facebook: DropHouse Everywhere: #TonyTeeNeto & #t2SCE & #DropHouse

How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 2 of 5

How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 2 of 5by Tony Tee Neto: SCE Event Host & Audio Specialist

In the last segment (IF YOU MISSED IT CLICK HERE), I stressed how important it was to start off by vetting your entertainment professional. Exploring your network and doing a little research can help you find just the right one to make your celebration amazing and stress-free.

Once you’ve found a likely candidate, make that call, send that email, and set up a chat to get to know each other. Most companies will encourage a face-to-face meeting at their office, like we do at SCE. But we understand that everyone’s time is valuable, and this is a pretty busy period in your life on top of your regular day-to-day. So, we happily entertain FaceTime or Skype calls. It’s almost as good as being there in person, and you can be in your most comfortable (and convenient) surroundings. Even a phone call can tell you a lot about whether you’re a good fit.

So, when you do set up that date ...

Confirm who you’re meeting

We’re proud of the fact that when you decide to meet one of SCE’s talented professionals, you’ll be meeting the Event Host of your choice-- the very same one who’ll be with you during your planning process; and the one who will be there for you on the big day! We think it’s so important to explore chemistry and establish a relationship right from the start, and I personally love this part. At SCE, we dont do sales people, we dont try to push you into decisions that you may not be ready to make.  We want you to learn about who we are, how we are able to do what we do, maybe even show you recent video footage of us in action at your venue and of course, answer any questions you may have about the celebration that we can.

You might find that another company has set an appointment with a salesperson. If you’re comfortable with that, then treat this as an informational session. Get a feel for how the company does business, their approach to planning your celebration, etc. It’s still a good idea to meet your actual DJ/MC. Everyone’s personality might not click right away, so explore the relationship.

When any one of SCE’s Event Hosts, receives the honor of hosting your celebration, we consider it a huge compliment! The moment we grab the microphone and welcome your guests on your behalf, we become your ambassador at one of the most important celebrations you’ll ever plan.

Your choice of Master of Ceremonies and DJ ultimately reflects on you, so get to know each other a little bit and make sure you’re comfortable with your choice. And it all starts with that first handshake.

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