How to find a good wedding dj

How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 1 of 5

The-Madison-Hotel_Endless-Wave-Studios12312014034 How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 1 of 5

by Tony Tee Neto: SCE Event Host & Audio Specialist 

You’re engaged?! CONGRATULATIONS!

The excitement of the moment is overwhelming, and soon (or even immediately), you’re surrounded by friends and family who want to celebrate the moment with you both! Champagne; tight, warm hugs; smiles and bright eyes everywhere!

Planning this once-in-a-lifetime celebration is all at once exciting and overwhelming. With so many choices in Wedding Professionals, how do you figure out which one’s right for you?

You’ll find yourself faced with a seemingly endless array of choices for your DJ entertainment, with variables in every aspect— from pricing to experience, deposit requirements to payment schedules, from packages to an A La Carte approach … right down to how much say you have in the music to be played.

Over the next few articles, I hope to give you a little guidance on what to look for in our particular are of expertise: DJ Wedding Entertainment. I’ll keep it pretty simple, and welcome your questions and feedback to

So …

  • Finding the Right DJ Entertainment, Part 1- Vet your entertainment

With so many choices, how do you know who’s who and who’s worth your time?

  • Your friends - Your friends’ experiences with their entertainment is probably one of the most reliable testimonials you can get. Maybe they had a phenomenal experience and are raving about who hosted and played for their event ... perfect! On the other hand, it’s also invaluable advice if they had an experience that was less than excellent.
  • Facebook - the great thing about this Social Network is that, depending on privacy settings, you’ve got access to your Friends and your Friends’ Friends! One post could potentially reach a lot of people you don’t even personally know, and they might have some great advice for you. Ask them to leave referrals or advice in comments. Encourage more sensitive comments to go via Private Messaging.
  • The Knot and Wedding Wire - These wedding-oriented forums are a great resource for word-of-mouth testimonials from past Brides and Grooms, and not just for entertainment! When targeting a particular professional, get a feel for consistency throughout all of their reviews; one excellent review shouldn’t cut it. For example, SCE has around 900 reviews! You’ll want to look for what’s consistently being said about your potential wedding professional. If you’re looking for a particular entertainer within the company’s reviews, simply Command-F (Mac) or Control-F (Windows) in the browser, and you should be able to search a name within the page.
  • Google is your best friend! - We understand the power of the Internet Search Engine, and we’re sure you do, too. When you search for either general terms or specific companies or entertainers, you’ll get a ton of results. Take the time to check each site, and see if they match your vibe. And when you find those slick “demos,” watch them for consistency. Better yet, look for vLogs (video blogs) that show the entertainer in their “natural habitat!” This is your opportunity to peek into one of our events ... without actually crashing the wedding! These will come through Google results, and likely take you to YouTube, Vimeo, or a specific website’s link.

Dig plenty in the beginning! This is the first but massively important step in choosing the right entertainment for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration!


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