SCE's Tony Tee Neto: Getting to know the Pros...

Want to know more about the team here at the SCE Event Group?

Well, we caught up with our very own Tony Tee Neto for a fun interview.

Check it out.

1. How long have you been with SCE?


Since 2010 officially.   I've been producing SCE's audio branding since 2006.

2. Your role in the group?

Event Host and Audio Specialist.

3. What you love most about your work?

Helping every Bride and Groom create their vision and vibe from Day 1, and lending support and advice throughout the planning process is really gratifying.  Eventually executing what we've planned is the fun part!

4. Favorite Color?


5. What are you listening to now (in your car, or at home)?

Usually House Music on the deeper/techier side, not commercial stuff ... and sometimes nothing actually.  I enjoy the silence.

6. Outside of SCE, what do you like to do with your time?

I set aside a little time for my motorcycle (clears and resets the mind), plus I love photography.  I also love catching up with my wife when our schedules sync up -- we drink wine and get chatty.

7. Something random about you.

I actually like to cook (Don't tell anyone).

8. Favorite food or restaurant?

My favorite is a Portuguese dish with pork cubes, sausage, potatoes, and clams.  On the regular, my treat would be a perfect Burger!

9. Drink of choice?

A top-shelf vodka with the slightest splash of Cranberry  or an excellent Scotch on 3 rocks.

10. 3 adjectives you would use to describe yourself 

Casual, professional, and fun-loving. Is that four?


Twitter and Instagram @TonyTeeNeto

Tony's Bio: CLICK HERE

If you are planning a Wedding, Nightlife Event or Party, and interested in having SCE's Tony Tee Neto in being part of your day...  we would love to discuss some of the options available for you from SCE.  So please give us a call, 888-278-0900.