Jason Jani of the SCE Event Group earns international Master of Ceremonies honor

Jason Jani of the SCE Event Group earns international Master of Ceremonies honor and admission to the Wed Guild® Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Jason Jani - Wedding Entertainment Director - Wed Guild - NJ Wedding Entertainment

We are delighted to announce that SCE Event Group founder, Jason Jani has earned the international Master of Ceremonies honor with admission to the WED Guild® and title of  Wedding Entertainment Director®.

The WED Guild® is an internationally industry respected organization that was created by Peter Merry in 2001.  The WED Guild® was created in hopes of changing the public’s "sometimes" negative perception of wedding DJs.  The title of Wedding Entertainment Director® was used as opposed to DJ focused terminology  because the role of a certified Wedding Entertainment Director® expands well beyond just playing music and/or making announcements as the Master of Ceremonies.  The Wedding Entertainment Director®is about the ability to produce incredible events by delivering the very best quality in service and all around performance.

Becoming a Wedding Entertainment Director® is no easy task, and only 24 people currently hold this prestigious title in the wedding entertainment industry, internationally.   The WED Guild®'s application process is an in-depth journey to identify an exceptional Masters of Ceremonies using a peer-reviewed analysis that includes many layers like reviewing essays, past event video samples, previous client and industry colleague recommendation letters, and a final interview consisting of 5 members of the current WED Guild® talent roster and the current term president of the group (see the full application at http://wedguild.com/ftp/WEDGapplication.pdf).  

Jason Jani of the SCE Event Group noted about the process, "The process to become a Wedding Entertainment Director® was not easy, it really made me look at things I have done for my couples in a different light".  "It's the beginning of a new journey for me in this profession... it allows my couples to know that I am committed to continuing my education and training in this industry, and will open up in terms of creativity options for my personal performance events.", says Jani.

To summarize the qualities needed to obtain this prestigious accomplishment and title, WED Guild® members are evaluated on the 7 essential areas of expertise needed to obtain the prestigious title of a Wedding Entertainment Director®: Comprehensive Personalization, Creative Involvement, Event Direction, Talent as a Spokesperson, Music Programming, Appropriate Presentation, and Quality Amplification.

To learn more about the exclusive weddings services offered by Jason Jani and the SCE Event Group please complete the contact us form on this site or give us a call at 888-278-0900.  Jason Jani is available for wedding events worldwide via the SCE Event Group.