How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 5 of 5

_______________ How to find the right DJ Entertainment: Part 5 of 5

by Tony Tee Neto: SCE Event Host & Audio Specialist

By the final part in this series, you’ve chosen a few candidates to host your wedding celebration. And in the end, it really is about the music bringing everyone together for an amazing time!

You love music?! SO DO WE! It’s actually at the core of our lives, considering we pack dance floors weekend after weekend for a living.

So when it’s finally time to wrap up planning, definitely review every detail. But ...

  • 5- Don’t Try to Program 4 Hours of Music

There are two extremes when it comes to choosing music for your reception, and neither is necessarily a good approach to programming the event.  At one end, you personally need to plan every song, maybe even certain ones in a particular order! And at the opposite end, your DJ won’t allow any input from you and is certain that last week’s playlist will hit a home run … just like the week before.

In both of these cases, neither party is allowing for any organic flow during the reception. If the couple has given an exhaustive list to the DJ that programs exactly 4 or 5 hours, they’ve eliminated the very reason for getting a trusted entertainer behind the music … or any human, for that matter.

When this is the case, there’s no room for moments to evolve, and your DJ’s creativity is completely restricted. Not to mention, you’ve created a lot of work for yourself in the process. This often comes from misunderstanding the role of your wedding entertainment, and what they can actually bring to the table to make your reception a success, besides “just playing any song.” And if it comes from the perspective that you don’t trust what they will play, then you should go back to the first part of this article and start the search over.

Conversely, your DJ should ask for input on your taste and style of music. If not, then I’m sure he does this every weekend, the exact same way, and he’s the “rockstar.”

But you probably didn’t want a “cookie cutter” for a DJ, right?

I’ll always ask for a Top 10 or so of “Must Play! I have to hear these songs at my wedding!” Those are the songs that make your reception, yours! Yes, I believe I bring plenty of experience to the table, but it’s important that I weave who you are into what I do! The event is yours, and it should reflect that.

I’ll even ask for a “Do Not Play these, because they’re nails on a chalkboard”-List. I don’t want to be murdered at the reception.

You should look for an exchange of ideas— and your choice in entertainment should also welcome that. By sharing your very special songs that trigger a memory, you’re giving us what we need so that we can use our experience to work them into what we do. And THAT’S how you get amazing moments that create unforgettable celebrations!

Hiring a professional wedding entertainer (and all other wedding professionals, too) allows for the ultimate goal: to have an amazing, stress-free wedding day! You work ridiculously hard to plan this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and you should reap the rewards of an awesome day! By taking the time to ask the right questions and connect with the right professionals, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day!


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