My journey. 7 Years of SCE. Authored by Jason Jani.

This morning I woke up and was reminded of how incredibly fortunate we are at SCE.  Seven years ago today, I left a successful path working in corporate america as a manager of an engineering team to pursue the dream of doing really cool events for super cool couples. Without a business plan, and the thought of creating a company, SCE was started after years of working independently and for others.  I wanted to do more for the couples and companies that trusted me with some of their coveted life events.  My dream was to create something special, something unique and something different then what people in general in the private event industry were doing or accustomed to experiencing.  Coming from the night life world, I was never able to fully embrace some of the ways private events were typically handled and I felt that people deserved more.  It was more than just business and contracts, being a DJ was a way of life, something I truly loved for many reasons. 


Average is not what I was about, and good was just not ever good enough.  Over the years of working in the nightlife world, I was able to fine tune my ability to play music to impact the overall vibe of a venue.   In doing so, I developed the ability to learn how to impact the feelings of people hearing my music.  It didn't matter the religious background, age group, social class, music is a universal language that can impact your experience in any situation.  Being an MC, although important, was second to the craft of being a DJ in my mind and in my world.  I felt that knowing what to play and when to play it is a the key to separating yourself from the wolf pack in the DJ world.  I thought by taking that mindset and including production and theatrical elements while listening to my clients and making their thoughts a reality... I could make magic happen in the private event world for couples that truly wanted something special.  I wanted to challenge SCE couples and clients to think bigger, to expect more, to dream bigger, to desire the very best, and we at SCE would work around their unique vision to materialize an event that truly embodied all that makes them who they are.  If I had to move a mountain for someone to make their perfect day come together, I would do whatever I needed to do so that I jump-kicked their vision in the face and they were proud of what we created for them.  

People that plan events today, want and desire the best, and using a unique boutique influenced approach to bringing ideas and services together, would allow SCE to make that happen, one event at a time.  If the industry did packages for services, I wanted to offer an a la carte menu. If everyone wore a tux, I wanted to wear a suit with sneakers. I wanted to be the opposite of whatever the standard was, and wanted to work to push the creative bar higher and in different directions every time we had the opportunity to host an event.  

So after a few years of thinking of changing my life and becoming an entrepreneur - I left my stable career path in corporate america, and all the perks that came with it, to work much harder, much longer hours, and for a lot less, to live the dream.  With a young family, and a very supportive and pregnant wife, I rolled the dice in the most challenging economic climate of my life and here I stand, seven years later incredibly happy and blessed that everything fell in my favor.  I will never forget telling Andreia, my wife, and my parents of my crazy ideas of starting what is now SCE.  Friends, and co-workers in the engineering world - didn't think it would last.  Many people didn't think the private event world  was a stable life choice or environment to live.  I wanted to thrive and I have always been determined to change people's perception of the industry one event at a time.  I believe that anything is possible as long as you are willing to work hard for it.  I even tattooed the word "believe" on my arm, because the word means everything to me.  Since I left the telecommunications industry, it has been an incredible journey, I could not be more thankful for some of the amazing opportunities that we at SCE have been afforded.  

It was not and has not been easy.  There has been so much that has gone into creating what is now known as the SCE Event Group.  I have lost some of what I thought were good relationships and gained some great relationships that I will cherish until the end of time.  I have been hurt, I have been burned and I have learned to forgive... I have learned to listen, to be patient and that consistent hard work is the key to being successful.  Being talented, and having the drive to work hard (and ethics to do the right thing) - gives you the power to punch the world in the face and rise above the pack.  I have learned that you are a product of who and what you surround yourself with and I have learned to care about things I once may have thought were not important.  Always be good to everyone in your world, and always appreciate someones hustle.   I have learned not to make excuses and to deal with situations and issues as challenging as they may be immediately - regardless of the outcome.  I have learned to trust my gut, and that the little things matter, I have learned to never settle, to never give up, to never except average and to never do something that doesn't feel right.  

The positive experiences have far outweighed the challenging times for me with SCE.  These are just some of the things that come to mind and I hope can help influence your day in some way.   The experience I have had at SCE is something you can't get in school and has allowed me to understand a lot about life, a lot about myself, a lot about people and a lot about who are true friends. 

Looking back, regardless of the struggles, the ups and downs, I would not change a thing. 

SCE has become a lifestyle for the team that call it home.  Its more than work, its more than a logo with a pink sexy dot - it's a family, one that I am proud of to be part of and one that I am proud to have been able to create.  It's not a trendy name that I picked out of a hat, it's so much more then that.  The SCE Event Group is a team of talent that has come together organically over time because we all embrace a mindset that makes us different from anyone anywhere.  It didn't come together overnight, everyone has their own story and style they bring to the table. Our team, is made up of an incredible group of people that I have endless amounts of admiration and respect for, that truly care about the little things that truly matter.  From the Event Hosts, to people in the office and everyone that hustles for SCE and Snapshot, without you, my dream and this business could not be what it is.  

We offer people planning events - solutions, and we have options - a lot of them.  Our service portfolio at SCE is now limited to the imagination, and if you can dream it, we can truly make it happen.  I am very proud of that. 

Over the past seven years, we have literally helped thousands of people celebrate life in so many different capacities all over the world.  From the East coast to the West Coast, North America, The Caribbean, Central America and even in Europe, we have been part of some super dope events. These are opportunities that when I made the jump from corporate america to this world, I never thought or could have imaged would be possible, and things that I am incredibly proud of.  From working with A List celebrities and artists like Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West, Arianna Grande, Jay Z, Guns & Roses, and Red Foo etc.... to being featured on television, in magazines.  To being sought after by companies that impact industries like Wedding Wire and Mobile Beat Magazine and so so so many others from all over the world, it has been a blessing to say the very least.  Mentoring the new generation and inspiring peers in the private event world to do more, and to be better has been an incredible experience that we and I personally am incredibly thankful for.    Over the past seven years, we have developed some incredible relationships with some of the nicest and most talented professionals in the world who work in and around our industry.  Receiving referrals from colleagues and venues that we work with or along side is something to this day we are beyond thankful for and truly humbles our team to no end.


It's been 7 years, and to this day I feel like we are just getting started here at SCE.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that have trusted SCE with their events in every portfolio area we provide event services.  Special thank you to the industry professionals that have and continue to support SCE, to refer their clients to SCE, and of course for all of the amazing rock stars that make us who we are at SCE.  

As we look to 2016 and beyond, we are pumped to say we look forward to all that is on the horizon. 

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.  

Much Love. 

- Jason Jani