Your Wedding Month: The To Do List

It’s now just a matter of weeks before you walk down that aisle, but before you can do that, there are many matters that need to be taken care of. Use this list to make sure your once-in-a-lifetime event runs smoothly. You don't want to be a nervous wreck the day of! Call Your Vendors

Get in touch with everybody. Caterers, florists, DJ’s (SCE’s got you covered and already on top of it), bands…everybody! You never know if a vendor has all the correct information, so be sure to check in. Just imagine if the caterer only brought vegetarian meals to a meat-eating wedding. Yikes.

Wedding Vendors

Call Your Venue

Make sure your venue has the proper set-up and break-down times. Know what time you need to be over there and also what time you and your guests will need to get out. Also send them a final guest list to be sure everyone has a seat. You don’t want to have grandpa standing all night do you?

Wedding Vendors

Call the Wedding Party

Bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, everybody! Make sure they all know the right times to be getting ready on your big day. A wedding day can be very stressful, and there’s nothing worse than having people show up late.

Does it Fit?

Be sure to try on your wedding gear before the actual wedding. We all lose and gain weight at different times, and finding out your fiancé’s suit pants are too small on the wedding day won’t make you the happiest bride. Make sure to have everyone do a fit check.


Is your marriage license ready? Because if not, someone’s not getting married. Be sure to check out all requirements and fees before the big day. You do want to get married, right?

Marriage Certificate

The Seating Chart

Now that you finally have everyone’s RSVP’s (ok, probably not everyone’s), you can get the seating chart on its way.

Get Ready

For the biggest event in your life! Now that you have finalized everything for your wedding day, you can take a deep breath, and prepare for the excitement. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime celebration, so be ready to feel like royalty for a day.


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