Where to Sit at Your Own Reception

For some brides and grooms, deciding where to sit during the reception can be an anxiety ridden decision. Maybe you want to sit with your friends, but don't want to disrespect your family. There are many options to choose from, but it all depends on the type of person you are. Here are some choices to make the process a little bit easier. Lovebirds Table

Family Table

This table is for when couples sit next to their parents and siblings during the reception. This option would be best for couples who have a very close bond with their immediate family. But if you have a very large family or have family who do not get along or are divorced, this would not be your best option.

The Lovebirds Table

This is a small table for two, where the newly married couple can have a more private and intimate meal. This option is best for couples who like a bit more privacy, but remember that you are at a wedding and it's always good to mix with the crowd and have a good time. Don't use this table if you're a very sociable couple who would be bored sitting alone.

The Party Table

The Party Table

This table includes the whole wedding party (groomsmen & bridesmaids) and also their dates. This table is best for couples who are ready to rock. These tables usually are the loudest, but also the most fun. Don't use this table is you have too many people in your wedding party, or if you don't want your table getting a little out of hand (A little out of hand never hurt anybody...at least that's what the SCE Event Group thinks).

The Flexible Table

This table depends on the type of reception you're having. If you have a buffet style reception, this is perfect. Guests can grab food throughout the night and change their seats to mix and mingle with different friends and family. Don't use this table if it's a formal reception with a seated dinner or else someone is going to get the fish they never want.

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