What a Groom should expect, Wedding Planning Process for Men!


There are so many options, decisions, and choices involved in the wedding planning process, not just for brides as grooms have been rising to the challenge and getting involved.  Engagements,  short or long, have the power to turn a sweet, carefree woman into bridezilla.  Maybe not to all future brides to be, but some inevitably fall victim to the stress, planning, and need for perfection on their wedding day.  It should be perfect, shouldn't it?  While the brides are having premarital stress, what are the grooms feeling? Does anyone actually stop to ask the future groom to be how he feels?  At SCE we appreciate our grooms and feel it's only right to shine the spotlight on them for a bit.

What does the groom actually do and what are his responsibilities?  From our experience, most grooms tend to let their fiances do the majority of the planning and choosing, helping out when it’s necessary.  Being dragged to countless bridal showcases, tastings, and other wedding events isn’t ideal for a groom on football Sunday.  However, we’ve seen plenty of our grooms attend showcases, toting around pamphlets and brochures from just about every wedding vendor across the state of New Jersey.  Grooms today are giving more than a head nod, smile, and a ‘yes dear’ when asked for their opinions when the decision making time comes into play and we love that.

Grooms generally have four major parts to their wedding planning checklist.  Not nearly as many responsibilities as the bride - but equally as important for their special day!  Their responsibility list looks a little something like this:

  • Complete the guest list of his family and friends
  • Choose his best man, groomsmen, and ushers
  • Find at least three options for the ceremony and reception locations
  • Financial; How much money do they have to spend? Assign a budget for each of their expenses.

Grooms have stepped their game up with their input, dedication to assisting in the planning, and of course choosing the rings for their brides themselves.  There is always so  much focus on the brides, as there should be, and today we want to highlight the incredible grooms that allow us at SCE to take part in their special day.  So remember all of you grooms and grooms to be; don’t let your brides have all of the spotlight, you deserve your shining moment too!