Tony Tee Neto’s 2016 Show Reel

Tony Tee Neto’s 2016 Show Reel … what t2 is about.

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Those who know Tony or have worked with him understand that he absolutely loves what he does. Some of the words often used to describe him are polished, laid back, professional-yet-comfortable, meticulous. With so much experience in the entertainment industry, it’s no wonder he’s one of SCE’s most in-demand Event Hosts

Last year was another amazing year for Tee at SCE, as 2015 saw him working with couples spanning the entire region— from the New Jersey Shore to the woods of PA, big city to small country barnyard celebrations. His appeal spans age ranges from the young to the old, and that has a lot to do with why the dance floors at his events are overflowing with energy and excitement, touched with special moments, and full of FUN! It also explains why Tony’s calendar spans two years in advance.

As 2016 begins, Tee wanted to step back and really take in the celebrations he got to experience all year long. So, he took the time to dig through hours of video footage and put together just a peek into what his world is like as a top-notch Master of Ceremonies and DJ.

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