Guideline for a Successful Father/Daughter Dance

Even though a wedding is all about the newlyweds, it also shares special moments to showcase the love between a father and daughter. Father’s hold a very special place in a daughter’s heart. He was the first man you ever loved and he was the first man to ever love you back. A father has been there for you since day one, and that is reason enough to celebrate. Here is a guideline to make a Father/Daughter dance a special one. Pick a Song Together 

Father/Daughter Dance

The choices are endless but maybe give dad a chance to pick his favorite; it is his big day as well. Whichever song is picked, it should reflect the personalities and traits of both you and your father. Remember, the reason for the Father/Daughter dance is to show your love and appreciation for each other, so be sure the song chosen displays that. By the way, if you're having trouble choosing a song, just ask your SCE Event Host for suggestions. They have the knowledge to help pick the perfect song for you and your father.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Whether you’re trying to win Dancing With The Stars or just doing the traditional dance, practice never hurts. The day of the wedding may give certain people jitters, so it is best to practice a few times before the big day. The two of you will feel much more comfortable in front of a crowd of people, and hopefully you won't step on each other's toes. And if you do, no worries. The dance does not have to be perfect.Father/Daughter

Take a Class

If you really want to please your guests and family, take a dance class with your father. There’s no better way to practice your dance moves and also have a little bonding time together. It will be one of those memories that you’ll never forget.

Share the Floor

Dancing in front of a big crowd can be nerve-wracking for some and if that’s the case for you, dance with dad for a minute and then invite the rest of the couples onto the dance floor. Share the moment with all your guests and you will feel more comfortable.

Make it QuickFather/Daughter

For most guests, staring at two people dancing too long can become a bore. If your song is long, be sure to cut it down to just  a few minutes. There’s nothing worse than staring at two people dance the same routine over and over for five minutes.

Keep in mind that the Father/Daughter dance is something special to share between you and your dad, but don’t take it too serious or you won’t enjoy it is as much. Have fun with it, make mistakes, laugh it off, and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime event.

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