The Wedding Toast - Guidelines for Success

Many of us have been there; some of us will get there in the future – The Dreaded Wedding Toast. We all get nervous when thinking about what we are going to say to our newlyweds, and possibly in front of hundreds of guests. We’ve all seen the Bridesmaid or Groomsmen that tries to hard to be funny, sounding like he’s reading off a cue card, and fails – miserably. Crickets, shoes tapping, gum chewing; all sounds associated with failure. But don’t let this scare you off! The reason these things happen are because the speech giver just didn’t use the right formula to write and tell the toast. Follow these guidelines and you won’t have to hear about how bad your speech was for the next 30 years. Entertainment

Try and remind yourself, in the moment you go to give your toast, most guests will look at you as an entertainer. Wedding guests love the Groomsmen or Bridesmaid that can keep a crowd alive like a stand-up comedian on stage. It’s great fun for everyone in attendance. And just like a stand-up comedy show, when the comedian fails, the crowd shows it. So go up there with confidence, look like a pro, and it will convey to all your listeners.

Guests Toasting

Explain the Relationship

In order to truly make the connection with your audience (bride, groom and guests), you need to establish the type of relationship you have with the bride and groom. Start off by explaining how honored you are for the opportunity to give the toast and why. Explain your relationship a bit through jokes, and show the audience how you and the newlyweds really act in everyday life. By the way, some relationships can be a little crazier, so remember to NOT include anything grotesque or awkward. Many toasts have gone terribly because the person giving the toast got a little too comfortable on stage (thanks alcohol).

Guests Toasting

The Mooshy Gooshy Stuff

Now enough about you and the lovebirds. The guests want to also hear your take on how perfect the couple is for each other. Talk about their cute habits, how they met, how they act in public. The guests love to eat up all the sweet stuff, so feed it to them.

You’re Almost Done

Being in the spotlight for a few minutes may feel like an hour! But remember, it’s literally just minutes. You’ve touched on some memories and yadda yadda yadda, now you’re home free! But don’t make the rookie mistake of thinking longer is better. It isn’t! People love to hear cute small stories, funny jokes, and then that’s it! They want you to wrap it up. Nothing is worse than a toast giver up on stage for 15 minutes repeating the same stuff over and over. So keep it short and fun.


Always end the toast with a cheers or salud(If you live in NJ or NY). Have the guests raise their glasses and all as one congratulate the newlyweds. Once everyone has done that, it’s time to grab a drink and enjoy yourself.

Keep in mind, as nerve-wracking as a toast can be, it really is a fun way to interact with your friends, family and guests. Make the best of it, as these are the times you will always want to remember.

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