The Snow Flake Effect; Winter Wonderland Weddings by SCE!

If you are looking to add a dynamic and unique theatrical effect to your upcoming celebration, then consider the incredible Atmosphere portfolio offered by the NJ entertainment and event design specialists at the SCE Event Group.  Dazzle your guests with jaw dropping special event effects, while setting your celebration apart from the rest.  For all of the original, trend setting engaged couples out there, what better way to stun your family and friends then to have it snow at your wedding!  No matter the season, summer, fall, winter, or spring, we can always make it snow.  This special enhancement has the incredible ability to produce snowflakes and completely change the mood and atmosphere of your celebration.

There are countless amounts of ways to use the snow at your event, depending on how creative you are.  Have you ever thought of a ‘Christmas in June’ themed wedding?  How about completely surprising all of your family and friends by keeping the snow a secret until the exact moment you are ready for it?  What about tying the winter wonderful theme into a special song that is played during the night and having it snow at that exact moment? There is no right or wrong way to use snow, it’s all up to your imagination!

If you are having any doubts or concerns, have no fear!  The snow will not set off any alarms in your venue, it won’t make the floor slippery and dangerous, and most importantly it will not stain or ruin any dresses or outfits.  Snow is a truly incredible enhancement that has the ability to turn your celebration into a breathtaking, magical night that will be impossible to forget!

 Check out this video blog captured at Lindsey and Randy's wedding at the Cairwood Estate, that featured Snow and Dancing on the Clouds from the SCE Event Group Atmopshere collection. 

[vsw id="56429144" source="vimeo" width="897" height="500" autoplay="no"]

Don’t hesitate to call us at SCE for your wedding, and speak to our office team about your vision.  We would love to hear from you!