The Retail Remix with the SCE Event Group

The Retail “Remix” by CL

#SCEmarquee | "Hello Gorgeous" - #theMakeUpDate | Bloomingdales Short Hills from SCE Event

Music and fashion are both artistic expressions of ones self.  Let’s face it, an artists appearance in today’s society is as important as the music that they make. Music and fashion go hand and hand.  A great example of this truth is the annual Fashion Rocks television special celebrating the powerful relationship between fashion and music on the CBS television network.
This concept holds true to the everyday consumer as well.  Here at SCE we have launched SCE Marquee a side of the SCE Event Group that focuses on partnering up with fashion/retail brands to help achieve specific consumer goals.  Let’s face it music moves people in a way that no other medium can obtain.  How many times have you been getting ready to go out on the town and you turn on your favorite artist or song to keep you company and put a little “pep” in your step....  C’mon we all do it!  Now take that concept and apply it to shopping.  It’s one thing to find a outfit that makes you feel pretty, hot, sexy and or fresh, but it’s another thing to add an awesome soundtrack to your real life shopping experience.
Studies have shown that when people are enjoying their environment they tend to spend more time relaxing and deciding and ultimately purchasing items than when shopping in a stale, dull, environment.  SCE Marquee can provide something as simple as a DJ to play music to keep customers enjoying their shopping experience, or produce a full on fashion show experience!  Click here to see how SCE Marqee partnered up with Bloomingdales to produce “The Make Up Date”
Here is #SCEMarquee challenge.  The next time you head out to the mall start to check out the music in each store.  See how it makes you feel, or how it doesn’t make you feel at all.  Then imagine walking in to your favorite store and hearing some great music to enjoy while you find the perfect addition to your wardrobe....We promise is all about the music!
Do you have a brand, store, or fashion/retail event that you need help producuing?  Please visit www.SCEeventgroup.comor give us a call at 888.278.0900 #SCEMarquee.