The DJ booth, re-defined by SCE. Now available for your celebration.

Now available for your celebration, The DJ booth, re-defined by SCE.  We are always on the hunt for cool ways we can redefine the standard.  Over the years, there have been many "SCE firsts".  Creating new looks for our events, introducing new technologies, - in short, just using our talent and minds to think bigger in order to make dreams come true is what its all about, especially before anyone else has done it.  Yes, it's a pretty cool and rewarding feeling for us at SCE. We are at it again and have a number of super cool things on the horizon for us at SCE.  For now, we are happy to introduce a new service option available at SCE.  The DJ booth "re-defined".  Custom created,  DJ booth furniture that takes the visual representation at our events to a completely new level.  Although we still have glow and leather facades available for our events, we are delighted to now offer a sleek and contemporary DJ booth to complement the couple, brand or company looking for something different from some of our hosts at SCE.

It took our team over 18 months of time end to end to create this piece of DJ booth furniture.  Sleek, white and contemporary, this booth was custom created by Jeffrey Scott Gould and Jason Jani of the SCE Event Group and is now available for events hosted by them.

Expect more for your upcoming celebration, you deserve it.

Have a look at the below images of the DJ furniture shared by Jason Jani at an event at the One and Only Westmount Country Club.

DJ furniture