#TBT with some Jason Jani live mix history...

Throwback thrusdays are a fun way to look back and relieve some cool parts of yesteryear.  We thought it would be fun to dig up a few things about Jason Jani during the conceptual re-establishment of what now is known as the SCE Event Group. Earlier this week Jason posted a mix that he found on a hard drive in the office, the mix was important b/c it was created and produced on a whim, on the fly and became quite popular in a number of different ways.  The mix was titled "All mashed up" and this 80 minute "open format: mix contains so many different style of music, artists and tracks.  It is a mix that probably has a little something for anyone you know (except for grandma) and is great for the Summer BBQ season.  It actually opened a number of doors for our company, and although if it was done today it would be very different, it was cool to re-release it to bring back some #TBT memories. Tracks from the 60's to the mid 2000's are featured and twisted up in this mix, and we hope you take the time to enjoy it.

You can download the mix by visiting SCE Event Group's Soundcloud or Podcast in iTunes (just search SCE Event Group in iTunes). We also have attached it below for ya in case you need some beats for the office.

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