September Spotlight Feature: DJ Paul Knox

For the September Spotlight Feature, we decided to put the spotlight on our very own DJ Paul Knox.  For those of you who don't know Paul, he has been in the business since he was just 17 years old!  Paul is extremely experienced and is one of the most sought out entertainers in the wedding industry.  If you check out his videos and biography, it's easy to see why!  I thought it would be fun to ask Paul a handful of random questions.  Check out what he said:

Me:  So Paul, where did you get your start in the industry?

Paul:  I got my start back in the day when I moved in with Jeff Scott Gould and couldn't afford the rent.  He told me to "grab my suit and get in the van" and bam...I was now his "mixer".   I had no idea how to mix, especially with vinyl and turntables.  But a month later, affording rent, I was hooked..... been here ever since!!!

Me:  What are the different types of musical atmospheres that you have played in?

Paul:  My first "gig" was when I was 17.  It was at a Go Go Bar called 'Slaters Mill', I actually played for the Strippers. After that, I moved on to a bar called 'The Grasshopper' when I was 18.  Later I played another bar called 'Rupperts', which just recently shut down.  I've done events for The Real Housewives of NJ and 'Dina's Party' on HGTV.  I've done a ton of events ranging from birthdays, to sweet 16s, to anniversaries, to grand openings and of course weddings!

Me:  Who is your biggest musical influence/inspiration?

Paul:  My biggest musical influence would have to be LL Cool J. I've been a fan since 1987.  I even read his Bio!  I love his style as a performer and role model.  All around great guy.

Me:  If you weren't DJ/Emcee, what would your dream job be and why?

Paul:  If I wasn't doing this now, I would be on an island, running a moped rental business, enjoying life with my girl.

Me:  What is one of the craziest memories that you have from a past event?

Paul:  As far as craziest moments, after 16 years of entertaining, you can imagine I've seen a lot of crazy things.  Some are just not "PG13 enough" to post.  I guess I would say, just recently, I did a 400+ guest Indian/Irish wedding in PA under a tent.  Right after introductions, it monsoons!!   The tent started swaying, water was flowing inside, thunder and lightning was shaking the place.  400 people didn't even blink!  The first set was well over an hour long.  After the storm settled, the party continued with two full hours after hours and another hour of overtime.  Nothing was stopping these guests from celebrating a once in a lifetime event with the newlyweds!!!






DJ Paul Knox & DJ Jeff Scott Gould of the SCE Event Group


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