SCE'S Production Manager Kira Gavaghan

Want to know more about the team here at the SCE Event Group?  Well, we caught up with our very own Production Manager Kira Gavaghan for a fun interview.  For those that do not know, Kira has the distinct title of being the "Queen Bee" and over the past couple of years, Kira has become such an important part of our company here at SCE.  It is safe to say that almost every client, couple or company who has planned an event or had a Snapshot Photobooth via SCE has worked with Kira at some point.  She is an SCE All Star and feel free to check out her off the cuff getting to know you session: How long have you been working for the SCE Event Group?

Over three and a half years now.


What is your role over at SCE?

Being the SCE Production Manager, I work with our clients daily to finalize any details for their upcoming events or weddings.

What kind of details?

Many details like things like designing and dealing with events services or Photo Booth choices etc.  I make sure everything is dealt with accordingly so everyone is taken care of and happy!

What do you love most about your job?

I really like designing unique things for our rockstar couples.  I truly enjoy having the ability of taking someones idea and having the freedom here to bring it to life.  Also, love our team here at SCE, we have a lot of great people that all care about the service we provide.  Its awesome to see how our private events take shape for our couples and companies.

What's your favorite color?

Pink, of course.

What are you listening to now (in your car, or at home)?

Everything at the Firefly Music Festival.

Outside of SCE, what do you like to do with your time?

I like to read a lot, travel, and of course go to the beach.

What’s something random about you?

I could eat Mexican food, daily!

I was going to ask you what your favorite food is, but I’m assuming now it’s Mexican correct?

Haha yes, correct.

What is your go to drink of choice?

Captain and Coke, but I also love Margaritas.

Three adjectives to describe yourself.

Motivated, organized and indecisive; very indecisive haha.

If you are planning a Wedding, Nightlife Event or Party, we would love to discuss some of the options available for you from SCE.  So please give us a call, 888-278-0900.