SCE wishes awesomeness to the queen bee, Kira Gavaghan

Over the years, we have achieved so much as a company.  From a small business that was literally run our of Jason's townhouse, to the storefront in Toms River with Endless Wave and Berry Photograpics, to our Main Street Office in Belmar to the current SCE Event Group headquarters in West Long Branch.  In just over five years we have grown from local community events, to star studded events on the other side of the world.   We as in all of SCE,  have been incredibly blessed to so some truly amazing things for some truly amazing people. There has been one person that has been piece of the SCE foundation that has helped our team accomplish so much, the Queen Bee, Kira Gavaghan.  Kira who was originally hired as Jason's assistant has been a part of our crew, supporting our couples, families, and rockstar clients for over 5 years.  Like a true SCE rockstar, Kira has crushed responsibilities given to her and has evolved her responsibility list to become the Production Manager here at SCE.  She has had some part of almost every event we have hosted since our business has evolved.  If you have had a monogram, photo montage, received a contract or been in a photo booth, Kira has had a part of the SCE back end staff that made that happen.

Now, its time for the reason for our post.  Kira has been offered an incredible opportunity working in New York City and will no longer be working at SCE as of 02/09/15.  We are incredibly sad to see Kira go, and felt we needed to publicly post about her leaving because she has been such a HUGE part of our family here and so many SCE events.  Although it is so sad to see her move on, we are so proud of what she has done here at SCE and proud she is chasing one of her dreams.

At SCE, we are blessed to be surrounded by so many talented individuals and from time to time people need to move on.  Change is a sad yet exciting part of life.  We are beyond happy for Kira, and truly hope this dream job will lead her to happiness, success and a exciting future doing something she loves.   Although it is bittersweet for all of us that we must say good luck for now, we know the Queen Bee will be a rockstar at her new position.

We at SCE, would like to wish "Keeks", good luck, success and happiness.  She will be missed, and we are thankful for all she has done for our couples, clients, companies, brands, and people.