SCE Fitness: 30-Day Slimdown

The SCE Event Group believes health & fitness can help in all aspects of weddings. It can help with the stress brought on from planning such an extravagant event, or even just helping fit into the dress or tuxedo of your dreams, health and fitness can be very important and useful. If you have 30 days left until your once-in-a-lifetime celebration and want to kick things up a notch SCE style, follow these health and fitness tips to help reach your goal. Bride Fitness


Probably the most important aspect, yet the most overlooked key component of a health and fitness program. You can do as many exercises as you want, as many crunches as you want and even run as many miles as you want. But if you don’t change your diet habits to healthier ones, you will remain the same.

Start with the small stuff. Dieting isn’t hard like many people may believe. It’s all about making healthy changes to your diet, not crash dieting, which never works. First replace all beverages with water. Say goodbye to soda and high sugar fruit drinks. They’re not good for you anyway. Water is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and you will see and feel the difference quickly.

SCE Cardio

When it comes to food, try eating less fat and carbs. Start your day with egg whites instead of full eggs, and try having some fruit instead of bread. Believe it or not, egg whites taste just as good as with the yolk, and fruit is just as delicious as bread.


Now the second most important part of SCE Fitness – Exercise. Exercise is a must, and most people think of terribly hard exercises to see a result. That’s so not true and it really doesn’t take much to see a change.

Start your morning with some simple push-ups and sit-ups. Set aside in your morning 20 minutes and get to it. Do 3 sets of push-ups and 3 sets of sit-ups. You don’t need to do a crazy number of reps, but maybe try for 15 to 20 reps per set. Push your hardest and enjoy the change you’re making for your health.

Also be sure to throw some cardio into your new fitness plan. Jogging or walking 3 days a week is all you will need to start and feel a new you. Start with one mile and move up to five if you’re up for it. Anything is better than nothing.

Sweating for the Wedding

Remember, health and fitness is not only for the outside, but also for the inside. You may be trying to lose a few pounds and that’s great, but also remember the mental positives that come from exercise and a healthier lifestyle. A new healthy lifestyle can help decrease stress and other issues in your life, so be sure to take advantage of all the positives from this fitness guide.

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