Outdoor Weddings – What to Know

Outdoor weddings are a growing trend in the wedding business, as DIY brides have become much more prevalent in the past few years. While a simple outdoor wedding may seem easy to achieve on paper, there is a lot of thought that must go into creating a great outdoor wedding for you and your guests. Here are some tips to help you create your perfect outdoor wedding. Outdoor Ceremony


One of the key issues with having an outdoor wedding is the pending weather. If it’s a summer wedding it will most likely be hot, if it’s a winter wedding, it will most likely be cold. You must be prepared for the weather period chosen because you don’t want to leave your guests uncomfortable. You want them to enjoy their time at your once-in-a-lifetime celebration, so be sure to have certain items on hand for everyone. For a hot summer wedding, be sure to pass out ice-cold water bottles to everyone. Also look into renting big fans/tents to help cool off your guests. There’s nothing worse than getting all done up for a wedding, to just sweat and feel dirty the whole time. If your wedding is going to be in a cold outdoor environment, be sure to let your guests know in advance to wear warmer clothing. Also be sure to rent some heat lamps and have extra blankets on hand. You don’t want to say your I Do’s and turn around to see that your guests have turned into popsicles.

Be Prepared

Rain. Every bride’s worse nightmare. And yes it can happen to you! So be ready with a back up plan. Most couple’s opt to have the ceremony outdoors, and the reception indoors. Having a wedding this way will give you some assurance that if weather goes awry, the reception will have no issues to be dealt with. If a completely outdoor wedding is a must for you, tents are a must-have. Also be sure that the tents are tough and sturdy, able to withstand strong winds and rain. Rain can penetrate many types of tents, and leave you with soaking wet guests. It won’t be a pretty picture.

Outdoor Tent


When many couples decide on having an outdoor wedding, they don’t think about the outdoor noise that may come along with the location. Rattling waves, children screaming, wind and many other factors can make it hard for your guests to hear you and the music. Having an SCE Event Host for your once-in-a-lifetime event will assure you that the audio landscape provided will be top notch. It will be the last thing you need to worry about it.

The Outdoor Landscape

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

One of the positives to having an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty that comes with the location. Trees, flowers, lakes, mountains and oceans add a gorgeous look to your wedding day, and allows for less decorating. But still, it is necessary to check up on the property the week of your wedding to make sure that the grass has been mowed, leaves have been raked, and that the flowers are blooming. If not, you need to be sure to have this done, or else your wedding won’t appear as beautiful as you may have thought. Also remember that you can add your own flowers, lanterns, lights and many other decorations to accentuate the already existing beauty.


Be sure to check that your caterer has outdoor experience. There are many foods that if left to sit outside would be grotesque and horrible for an outdoor wedding. Try to avoid foods with mayonnaise, salads, or anything that’s fresh and needs to be kept cold. You definitely don’t want to have a case of food poisoning on your hands.

You’re Bugging

Make sure to have bug zappers, bug spray and citronella torches ready for use. There’s nothing more annoying for guests than to be running away from pesky insects all day.


One of the biggest problems that couple’s forget to anticipate is a permit. There have been many cases of people thinking just because a park is public that they can have their entire wedding there without question. Tents, torches and many other items need to be given an ok by the local authority. Every town/park has it’s own set of rules on what is allowed and disallowed. Be sure to do your homework on your chosen location, or you and your guests might be packing up early on your wedding day.

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