No Show Guests: What To Do

Anyone who has ever been to a wedding has seen it. The table cards which remain untouched, which 99% of the time symbolizes that those guests were "No Shows". It happens at almost every wedding and is perfectly normal. As the bride and groom, you don't want to do anything irrational, such as sending them a bill if you want to keep your relationship intact. But there are some key ideas to go by to make such incidences go smoothly. The "No Show"

Assign a Place For Contact

If you are a worrisome person, having someone be a No Show can give feelings of anxiety or even worse - a panic attack. These are feelings you will definitely want to avoid on your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. Start a public Facebook page for your wedding day for No Show instances. Many people are shy or timid, and do not want to disturb the bride and groom, especially on a busy day like your wedding. People like this may think it is better or easier to just not show up. They aren't trying to intentionally disrespect you, but sometimes last minute things or emergencies do happen. So have them send you a private message on the Facebook page stating that they aren't able to attend, and maybe the reason why. If they do not give a reason, do not take it personal. Just be glad if they are OK, and don't let the No Show occurrence interfere with the existing relationship. Be the bigger person.

Be Ready To Make Adjustments 

Businesses in the wedding/event industry are used to last minute occurrences. So don't be to worried about introductions, table and seating change ups due to guests not showing up. Venues, DJ's, and caterers will help you through whatever needs to be fixed due to a No Show. These kinds of problems are very simple to mend.

Reach Out 

Since your guests were supposed to be in attendance, you're probably wondering where the hell are they. Well don't stress about it on your special day. The less stress, the better. Enjoy your wedding, go on your honeymoon, and then when you return, contact them. Also, be kind when you reach out, you don't know what happened or how they felt that day, but if they are OK, that is all that is important. And I know what you're thinking about right now as you read this... The Money. Yes, each plate could cost around $50 to $300 per person, but sometimes it's better to bite the bullet and eat it. It's money out of your pocket, but things like this happen, and hopefully you got plenty of gifts to help with charges such as these.

The Unwritten Rule

One of the many Unwritten Rules for weddings is that if a guest is a last minute No Show, he or she should send a gift afterwards for the troubles caused. And if they do send a gift, be thankful! They thought about what happened and they are trying to be nice and give you something. A gift is not mandatory, so call them and be thankful, and allow the No Show occurrence to be something of the past. Great friendships and relationships are hard to come by, so don't allow a No Show occurrence end something special. Enjoy your gift, your health, your future and move on.

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