Personalizing with your married name

SCE would like to congratulate you on your engagement, and what a lovely gift  it is for the Holiday Season & New Year!  Have you ever wondered how many people get engaged during this time of year?  Now it's time to display the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. (blank) everywhere.  Weddings are all about personalizing, whether it's through use of your enhancements, or a little bit of arts and crafts up your sleeve, showing your married name is so in right now.  The great thing about getting engaged is being able to get creative and start planning you're wedding day.  From Monograms, to personalized email addresses, to footers on photo strips, us at SCE have seen hundreds of different ways to display the names of a happy couple.  Initials, dates, names and dates, capital letters, and of course the perfect font make your married name "pop" on any venue dance floor, wall, or logo. We took a minute to discuss the different ways you can get used to calling yourself the new Mr. & Mrs. (Blank):

Wedding Wire: This website focuses on tips, advice of wedding industry pros, and of course reviews of the newly engaged couple.  Couple's review everything from their photography, florist, venue, and entertainment, letting outsiders obtain ideas and research whom is worth contacting and who is not.  Every vendor is anticipating the best wedding wire review, ALL 5 stars!  By creating a wedding wire account, you as the couple can create a username/email log-in and password that you'll both remember, because you'll be using the site often within the planning process.

Wedding Wire Review Listing Example: Cristina and David

Wedding Aces: This site focuses on the advice of wedding industry pros, with topics ranging from music, color schemes, lighting, and how to select the best vendor, which has created a lot of buzz on the internet.  You also may enjoy reading wedding aces thoughts on a "Name change". This includes all of the legal, banking, and mailing procedure changes which are necessary to become "one", and of course live happily ever after.


Email Address customizing:,,, and so many more creative versions of your liking are contacting vendors each and every day.  Not only is this idea cute, but it's useful for vendors to track their email when searching for more than one same first or last name, and if you include your wedding date it's always great too. It's also easy for the bride and groom, because they can create a separate email account for only wedding planning related concerns.


You're wedding day is full of personalizing, and whether it's for the Bride & Groom, or bridal party, there are so many great creative ideas to use. Pinterest is a great search engine, where you can learn from others, and pin ideas you like on your board (similar to Facebook wall).  If you are into getting creative, and also keeping a budget, Pinterest is an excellent way to shock your wedding guests', making your venue look rich in the most affordable way. What are you doing to personalize your special day? Have fun and don't be afraid to get crafty.