Last Wednesday's Private Affair with SCE!

Last Wednesday, February 20th, the SCE Event Group had the honor of hosting over 100 couples and their family and friends in the Crystal Ballroom, at the Radisson in Freehold NJ for our Private Affair.  It was easy for guests to find the actual ballroom because of the big, bright SCE Monogram that was projected on the outside of the building and accented with uplighting!  The room was jam packed with future brides and grooms looking to find the perfect enhancements and hosts to take part in and share their special day.  The energy of the room was off the charts and only continued to increase as the live performances began.  The combination of Rico Caruso and Miella and their acoustic renditions of various songs relieved the future married couples of their stressful planning and allowed them to get lost in the melodies if only for a minute.  On the other side of the spectrum, Crystal Vargas spiced things up with her incredibly talented, energy spiking, percussion performance.  The SCE Production team pulled out all of the stops, going above and beyond what was expected of them to make the room look and feel as incredible as it did. We hope that your mind was blown by all of the atmosphere changing enhancements demonstrated live at the show; snow, dancing on the clouds, and the black light show.  Many long, exhausting hours went into creating the perfect layout, setup, and design needed to exploit all of the endless possibilities that SCE can offer you for your once in a lifetime celebration.  When the hosts were asked about their favorite parts of the show, there was a unanimous agreement of the conversations that took place with the couples after the show.  We all loved having the opportunity to speak with our amazing couples that we appreciate so much for trusting in the SCE family.  We had such a blast putting on a show for all of you at the Private Affair and cannot wait until our next one!  Keep an eye out for details to come about when and where the next experience will be.  Thank you all again, so much, for coming out to see the SCE Event Group and for turning that Wednesday evening into what felt like a Saturday night!

Below you’ll find a time lapse video created by the SCE hosts as a way to show you just how much time, effort, and detail went into the overall production of the show to make the Private Affair as insanely entertaining and mind blowing as it was!  Check out a video clip from the night and some of our favorite pictures!


Check out the SCE Time Lapse :

Check out the Recap video at the SCE Private Affair:

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