Introducing the PhotoBot - The newest photobooth to the Snapshot Photobooths portfolio!

We are pumped to announce SCE’s newest photo booth option from the future known as the the PhotoBot.  This new photo booth option is loaded up with the latest and great photoboothing advancements. It can do standard black and white images, color images, video media recording, social media integration and media sharing … pretty cool right? If that wasnt enought to get you pumped about it, forget about long lines of people waiting to use the booth because this booth happens to boast the fastest printing ability on the market, anywhere.    Snapshot Photobooths is the first company in the country to have this revolutionary photo booth and we are offering this booth open air style, with custom backdrops or step and repeats or even enclosed in with a lounge setting with your choice of drapery colors. So why do you call it the PhotoBot?  Well, a super cool photo booth needs a super cool brand name to match, right? ...  and it kinda looks like a Robot, it is super sleek, and visually looks pretty awesome with its white or black aluminum body…. so there you have it…  The PhotoBot comes in White or Black and can be customized to match any theme, color pallet or company branding requirements. (It can even be wrapped to include your company, event or brand imaging or colors.)

Check out this quick video hosted by Jason Jani (the founder of Snapshot and SCE) introducing the PhotoBot.

SCE introduces The Photo Bot at Snapshot Photobooths from SCE Event Group on Vimeo.