How To Create Rockstar Guest Welcome Gifts

How To Create Rockstar Guest Welcome Gifts

Like many weddings, you probably have guests traveling quite some distance. Maybe from out of state, or perhaps overseas.  Either way, you want them to feel like they're appreciated for the travel they just endured! Wouldn't you?  A hotel welcoming gift for your guests will do just the trick.  Here are some tricks on how to make some Rockstar Welcome Gifts.

1. The Container! This can be extremely important for first impressions because the container is the first thing the guests will notice. So think outside the box! A typical paper shopping bag could work, but make sure its dressed up. Give it some pattern, some color, anything to have it stand out and look awesome! If you really want to impress your guests, try picking a container that pertains to your wedding theme. If it's a beach wedding, try putting the goodies inside a nice tote bag, bucket or pail. Just remember, everyones wedding is different, and everyone has different taste. So be creative and pick what works best for you!

2. The Goodies for the setting! Ya know, the stuff you put inside the container! This is important because you obviously want your guests to like the gift. But try to relate the gift to the setting. So again, get creative and make them fit for Rockstars! Beach wedding? Throw in some sweet sunglasses. (Remember, you can get cool looking sunglasses for cheap, they don't have to be a brand name.) You'll have all your guests looking fresh! Maybe throw in some sunscreen, they're probably going to need it! Flip flops, throw em in! If you're getting married during rainy season, throw in a pancho or mini umbrella. They're going to come in handy!

3. Food Goodies! Remember, everyone loves food! We all eat, don't we? So give your guests something they can munch on or drink while in their rooms. Try throwing in some cookies, mini donuts, nuts, crackers, even kiddie candy like Sour Patch Kids! Hey, we all act like little kids sometimes don't we, so why not snack like one? Also, who doesn't love some booze at a wedding? Why not give some for your guests to start with? Try giving some Moonshine in mason jars. It give's a really cool authentic look, and your guests will love them (And probably love drinking them).

4. Make It Funny! Give a gift that makes your guests laugh, but will also use! Try throwing in a Hangover Kit! Ingredients:



Eye Mask (Who wants to see sunlight after a night of partying?)

5. Make It Personal! Toss in a thank you note to your guests. Tell them how much you appreciate them coming. Think about it. Without them coming, you've got no wedding; so you should definitely thank them!

6. BE CREATIVE! Remember, this is your big day. You can do whatever you want, and you should! Use this as a guideline to make your perfect Rockstar Guest Welcome Gifts!

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