Extended Wedding Receptions; The Afterparty... Make it last!

In 2013, a massive wedding entertainment trend hit the NJ Wedding DJ scene; extended wedding receptions.  In the simplest terms, after parties!  Couples all over the world are finding ways to extend their wedding night just a little bit longer in all different types of unique, creative, and exciting ways.  Everyone knows the depressing feeling that fills the air amongst guests when the last song is played at a wedding.  Seriously, have you ever been to a wedding hosted by the professionals at SCE.... What could be worse?  Well, couples have decided to fight the feeling and let their guests continue to party throughout the night! There are endless ways to throw a good party, but how about taking it up a notch and throwing a great one?  After hours are the key to leaving your guests talking about your wedding night for years to come.  2013 has been showing the wedding world so many various styles of after parties that can be thrown and there is no right or wrong way to do it!  The party depends on the couple and the vibe and atmosphere they are trying to create.  How about a lounge vibe with a relaxed feel?  The Ashford Estate has been home to an SCE after party or two.  Held in the Library, these after parties at The Ashford Estate take place in a distinguished, intricate, finely decorated room that is home to fine leather furniture, a custom-built bookshelf, and conversation worthy pieces of art.  After parties here are sophisticated, appealing to the eye, and irresistible to all.

Want to keep the party rockin' after the reception has officially ended?  Do it.  The Ashford Estate  in Allentown, NJ has been home to a different type of SCE After Party.  Some couples are keeping their lighting, music, and all of their enhancements after the reception ends and extending the party for another two hours, or by creating different atmospheres in some of the different rooms available to couples having their celebrations at the Ashford.  Keep it going, all night long...Why?  Because you can!  Keep the beverages flowing, creat finger foods or fast food items and have an awesome soundtrack to accompany it all.  It will feel like the reception never ended as your DJ transitions from one party into the next!

If you want to give your family and friends the ultimate celebration experience, give us a call and see what SCE Event Group can do for you!

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