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Cheaper Isn't Always Better

In today’s modern world, many people want to make better purchasing decisions, and it makes sense economically. If you were to go purchase a home, you would not automatically buy the most expensive one. You would do your research on different homes and find one that has the best value and the best price for you. The same goes for DJ/Event Host services - you get what you pay for. You can find DJ’s online for just a couple hundred dollars, and many others for $1500 plus. Many people believe all DJ’s are the same, but that is a huge misconception and unfortunately many people fall victim to the cheap DJ.

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After a wedding, brides & grooms feel that the main reason for their wedding being such a hit was the DJ.  This is because the DJ is in full control of your wedding or event, whether you think so or not. The DJ has control of the tempo and mood of the room with his or her choices of songs and timing. Also, a true professional DJ will spend countless hours preparing for your event or wedding from the first time you’ve met.  The cheap $150 DJ will simply show up to your event and just play some random songs…hopefully. A professional DJ will consult with you on the music you want heard at your event and also have the talent to read the crowd and know how to keep the mood upbeat and positive. Pricing is important to everyone, but value is extremely important here. You only get one chance to walk down the aisle, so don’t you want it to be perfect? Remember that when choosing your entertainment for the evening.


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One key element in determining the DJ you want to hire is the time and preparation the DJ puts into your event, but also into his or her own business.  Take into consideration all the money spent and invested into expensive DJ equipment.  Audio, playback, lighting; they can all cost tens of thousands or even hundred of thousands of dollars.  The cheap DJ may only spend a few thousand dollars on his or her equipment, and that’s why they can charge so little. Also, the quality of equipment will make an impact on the outcome of your once-in-a-lifetime event.


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When hiring a cheap DJ, you run the risk of having an unreliable person working your once-in-a-lifetime event. There have been horror stories for many couples who got married and the DJ showed up late or didn’t show up at all. There have also been complaints about DJ’s not acting in a professional manner. These types of problems can ruin a wedding, and ruin your once- in-a-lifetime experience. A true professional DJ will give you all the assurances necessary, a contract to protect you, excellent reviews, and a professional and friendly attitude from start to finish.

Remember, not all weddings or events are held in perfect conditions. Sometimes things may go awry, and a professional DJ will have the equipment and expertise to make sure the wedding continues to go on with no issues. Will your cheap DJ be able to promise that kind of security?  Will the cheap DJ even have the type of backup equipment necessary for bad circumstances?  These are all things to consider when choosing your DJ. Remember, value is key, not the price tag.

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