Destination Weddings: What You Should Pay For

As the Destination Wedding trend continues to rise, so do questions for SCE on Destination Wedding etiquette. One of the biggest concerns for future SCE couples having or planning a Destination Wedding is “Do I have to pay for everything for my guests?”. The Answer is NO. It would be silly if you paid for everything - the price of your wedding would be astronomical. But that doesn’t mean you’re completely in the clear. As with any wedding, the Bride and Groom do have costs and expenses, and with Destination Weddings they are usually more occurant. In this article we will discuss who pays for what, but remember it is your wedding, and you can choose to pay for whatever you want. What Must Be Paid For by You (Possibly by Mommy/Daddy):

What To Pay For

  • The wedding reception (You probably already knew that)
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Greeting party
  • Giveaway gifts

What the guests should pay for:

  • Non-wedding activities (Anything Hangover related)
  • Hotel Room - The guests would pay for a hotel room if it was still in the U.S.
  • Round trip plane ticket (If they book a one way, there might an issue)
  • Food not associated with the actual wedding (Burger King?)
  • Gifts

What the Bridesmaids/Groomsmen should pay for:

  • Food not associated with the actual wedding ( McDonald's?)
  • Round trip plane ticket
  • Dresses/Tuxedo

What you should consider to pay for:

  • Hotel accommodations for all bridesmaids/groomsmen (They are spending a lot of money to be with you)
  • Group activities (tours, sailing, biking)
  • Expenses for the not so well off friend (If he or she really means a lot to you, be a good friend and buy their trip)
  • Alcohol (wedding associated or not…hint hint)
  • Transportation to the ceremony and reception
  • Transportation from airport to hotel

As the Bride & Groom, you should remember that you chose to have a Destination Wedding - not your guests. So do not get mad or disgruntled if someone says they can’t afford or attend your celebration. Not everyone is in the same boat, so feel free to pay for as much as you would like if possible. Not everything is mandatory, but it doesn’t hurt to pay for more if you can. Your guests will appreciate it, and reward you with a bigger gift. Also keep in mind that entertainment can be hard to find in remote areas. The SCE Event Group’s DJ Jason Jani is available for worldwide bookings, so If you are planning a Wedding, Nightlife Event or Party, we would love to discuss some of the options available for you from SCE. So please give us a call, 888-278-0900.