Dear Bridesmaids: The Basic Bridesmaid Breakdown from the NJ Wedding DJ Experts at SCE

Dear fellow bridesmaids,

As a bridesmaid in a wedding that is rapidly approaching, I feel it’s my duty to share with the fellow bridesmaids and bridesmaids-to-be how I feel about the entire wedding planning process and provide any tips that I can to help this year-long adventure go smoothly!  Being a bridesmaid is an honor, no doubt, but if you don’t have a plan things can get tricky!  So here is my basic ‘Bridesmaid Breakdown’ which lists the responsibilities and tasks to complete.  I hope it helps! Happy planning :)

NJ Wedding DJ


You are all your bride’s ‘go-to’ girls.  You are the people she can complain to, freak out to, and even spaz out around when the planning gets stressful!  Bridesmaids play a crucial role throughout the wedding process by offering emotional support as well as physical support when decorations, invitations, and place cards come into play.  You guys are there for the bride, you want to help her.  So don’t be afraid to reach out to the most likely stressed out bride and offer your love and support.  You will all see her at her best, at her worst, and even in those classic ‘bridezilla’ moments!  Good luck ladies, it’s an experience ;)


Now this can go one of two ways; to surprise or not to surprise?  That is the question.  This depends on the bride of course.  If she is one that is always traveling and running around with work and other life obligations, it may be best to consult her on her availability.  If your bride is relatively local and surrounded by family and friends, a surprise shower is always a good time.  Your most important jobs in order to have a successful shower are quite simple; head count, decorations and games, and gifts!  Work with the bride’s family and the groom’s family in order to round up a guest list, send out the invitations, and be sure to put an RSVP date on the bottom so you can tell the venue or hall exactly how many people will be attending the bash.  Once you have that taken care of, create a theme!  How well do you know your bride?  Make it personal, something you know she loves, something that describes her.  After all, it is her day!  The decorations and games are a great way to bring the bridesmaid entourage together, it’s a team activity that the whole group needs to help complete.  Now for the gifts.  Depending on the size of the bride’s wedding party, split the roles up!  You need someone on trash duty, a gift runner to deliver the presents to the bride, and a recorder.  The recorder is crucial and should be organized and detailed in order to ensure that at the end of the party, each gift is recorded and listed next to the correct guest.  This helps the bride after the shower to send out thank you notes for all of her shiny, new gifts!  Remember, as long as you and your fellow bridesmaids put in the effort to make the day special, your bride is going to love it!


This is possibly the most anticipated event that occurs during the wedding planning, who doesn’t love a good party?  The bachelorette weekend should reflect your bride.  So round up her female family members, her fiance’s female family members, and of course her best girlfriends.  Whether your bride likes to party and bar hop until the early hours of the morning, or just enjoy a relaxing couple of days with her friends that is low key, anything goes!  Just be sure to ask the bride what type of weekend she is looking for and whatever information she supplies, roll with it.  The bachelorette weekend is a blast no matter what you do, so enjoy and have fun with the planning!


The rehearsal dinner is an opportunity for the bridesmaids to mingle with the groomsmen and other special guests.  Throughout the entire wedding planning process, you will all be right by the bride’s side.  So any little tasks that she needs whether it’s making sure her rowdy Uncle doesn’t have too much to drink or making sure that all of the bridal party members are accounted for, get on it!  The bridesmaids are the glue to any wedding, you all play such a pivotal role.  Although there are no specific tasks for the bridesmaids to complete during the evening, it’s a known fact that it is each and every one of your jobs to make sure the rehearsal dinner runs smoothly and efficiently!

Just remember ladies, you are the core to the bride’s wedding universe.  Every decision, every detail, every little idea that she makes and has will be run by you for your thoughts and approval.  So be honest, be supportive, and be helpful.  Most importantly, have fun!  One of your best girlfriends is about to get married and you get to be along for the ride :)  Enjoy! - Ali