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At the SCE Event Group, we believe we can make anything happen to help create your dream wedding or event.  From the lighting to the music, we do it all. But what about if  you wanted to take your event to the next level?  Then consider having the SCE Event Group, produce and manage having your favorite Celebrity, Band, DJ, Rapper, or Singer attend and perform at your event.  If the financials permit, we can help you feature some of the world most exclusive acts at your upcoming event.  There are multiple levels of talent that perform or appear in different price points.  Some of the A, B and even C list level performers don’t come cheap, and the ones with the household names often are the most expensive.   We thought we would share some information on how much it could be to have some of the most well known artists preform at a private event would be.  There are numerous factors that go into pricing and there could be additional costs for support staff, production requirements and accommodations that are not included, but have a look.


Justin Timberlake

SO how much will it cost..... well continue reading,

Justin Bieber – $1,000,000 +

Justin Timberlake - $1,000,000+

Kanye West - $400k – 600k

Linkin Park - $400k – 600k

Lil Wayne - $300k – 500k

Nikki Minaj - $200k – 300k

Kaskade - $100k+

You’re probably looking at these prices saying “wow”, but that’s for top in demand performers of today. Not all performers are as pricey.

30 Seconds to Mars - $40k – 50k+

The Game - $30k – 50k

Dashboard Confessional - $40k – 50k+

DJ Pauly D - $40k – 50k+

Common - $40k – 50k+

French Montana - $30k – 50k

Rehab - $7k – 10k

Kat DeLuna

Kat DeLuna - $8k – 10k

Ryan Cabrera - $7k - 10k

DJ Skribble – $7k – 10k

DJ Green Lantern - $5k – 10k

Location, times, event date and type of event can effect the prices of these artists.

If you are interested or planning on getting a performer/celebrity for your wedding or event, we would love to discuss some of the options available for you from SCE.  So please give us a call, 888-278-0900.