Bachelorette Party Ideas: SCE Brides-to-Be

You just booked your SCE Host for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. All the fun has just begun, because even before your big wedding day, you still get to have your bachelorette party. And when it comes to bachelorette parties, everyone is different. Some prefer a relaxed setting while others wants to live out the movie “The Hangover”. No matter what your type of day is, here are some ideas to help you pick and choose what is right for you. After all, it’s your night, not someone else's. Bachelorette Party Idea

The Destination Seeking Bride-to-Be

When people think of bachelorette party destinations, usually two cities come to mind. Miami and Las Vegas – and why wouldn’t they? They are the party capital of the US, offering all types of entertainment, especially for brides to be and her bridesmaids. Nightclubs, male revue, fine dining, beaches, and day clubs; these two cities are perfect for any bride-to-be whose ready to jet set on a plane.

The Relaxed Bride-to-Be

Not every bride wants the big party scene including loud music and VIP tables. Some brides-to-be prefer a much more relaxed setting. A spa day is perfect for the relaxed bride-to-be. Everything from massages to facials are great ways for everyone to enjoy themselves, yet in a much more chill setting. And just because you aren’t at a club doesn’t mean you can’t drink. Many spas offer beverages/cocktails to their clients. So enjoy.


The Thrill seeking Bride-to-Be

Parachuting, freefalling, zip lining, bungee jumping – all great ideas to fulfill any thrill seeker’s thirst for danger (safe danger…if that even makes sense).

The Bride-to-Be-at Sea

A great way for brides-to-be to bond with her bridal party is at sea. Rent a luxury yacht or boat, bring some alcohol, some music, and you’ve got yourself a party on the water. Don’t forget to bring plenty of food as well. If you go far out, you won’t be seeing and food trucks anytime soon.

The Childish Bride-to-Be

You’re probably old enough now to not need mommy or daddy’s permission to have a sleepover, but why not have one? Sleepovers have no age limit, and are great for the budget conscious bride-to-be.

Keep in mind that no matter which route you choose for your bachelorette party, it will most definitely be fun. Everyone is different, so be sure to be yourself. Don’t try to please others; it’s your big day after all, so go out with a bang.

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