Another #sceVIP Engagement event … with a twist

The original concept behind the #scePrivateAffair was to give engaged couples a chance to experience all the “awesome” SCE can bring together for their special day.  With the last private show of 2015, we remixed our original concept to create more of an SCE party vibe— and the reviews are over the top! On Tuesday, November 10, more than 80 couples and their guests experienced the new concept, the official SCE Engagement Party. It all came together in the Crystal Ballroom at the Radisson in Freehold, NJ, where almost 250 people came together to celebrate their engagement, SCE-style!

With a bar and snacks, couples and their guests were treated to a true-to-life Cocktail Hour (well, half hour) as our very own Frank Sinatra worked the lobby in a rat-pack-style performance that might’ve fooled even the most die-hard fan!  As the ballroom was revealed and guests took their seats, some on our contemporary lounge furniture, others on our new Royal Collection Bride and Groom Thrones,  they realized they wouldn’t be sitting long!

Immediately obvious was the amazing Star Light Dance Floor, a brand new option for SCE couples looking to completely change the look of their ballroom.  It got plenty of use as we took our guests on a ride through a couple’s First Dance, to several dance sets— even clearing every chair several times to pack the dance floor!  We even got our signature Group Shot!

The giant Video Wall behind the DJ Furniture setup was the focal point for several segments, and worked into the festivities seamlessly. Dancing on the Clouds and Snow graced our couple sharing their First Dance, grabbing everyone’s attention at the beginning of our show.  And the perfectly-programmed Intelligent Lighting , Wash Lighting, and Static Lighting Design contributed to the elegance and visual energy of the event.

Sure, this is a great opportunity to show off everything we discuss with each of our couples, but we also like to educate and share ideas.  As each of the SCE Event Hosts rotated on the microphones, our guests were presented with different perspectives on how to make their celebration truly theirs— from handling Grand Introductions, to types of song options; from ways to customize their Parent Dances, to how your cake cutting might flow.  We even surprised everyone with a bi-lingual Best Man’s Toast!  Yes, it was funny … and we’re also pretty sure it was clean.

Every guest received a goody bag from one of our awesome Front Office Ladies: Carly, Brianne, Kelly, and Andreia were all on hand to help, and they even took the spotlight for a moment as we introduced each of them to our guests.

A few Snapshot Photo Booths, always powered by SCE, were available for some Photo Booth fun!  Our guests for the evening were encourage to experience the Celebrity Photo Lounge and Vanity Photo Booth just like their own guests might.  We even showcased our InstaSnap Kiosk, which is connected wirelessly to the Instagram hashtag for the event.  Just take a peek at #sceVIP to see some of the fun, as shared photos were immediately displayed and printed.

We always look to make these events informative AND fun! This time around, we tried to explain less and show and experience more. Our Fusion approach to your reception was showcased with Live Percussion and Saxophone during both dance sets and as guests initially walked in. We even recreated our Blacklight Show with white gloves for every guests and a hands in the air pboto!  Finally,  we managed to get 4 guys on the dance floor for a full-on, old-school dance off!

Yeah.  We can’t believe it either!

The climax of the evening came when we gave away a complimentary Photo Booth for one lucky couple’s reception.  They were absolutely ecstatic when THEIR ticket was pulled.  Giveaways came throughout the entire night, as winners received SCE hoodies, hats, gift certificates, and Champagne gift boxes!

The SCE Engagement Party happens 3 to 4 a year, and is a unique opportunity to see everything we can offer to make your day unforgettable.  The best way to stay on top of our VIP events and all news “SCE” is by connecting with us on Facebook or checking

SCE Event Group is always looking to raise the bar on Wedding Entertainment-- you should, too.  Contact us with questions or to check availability anytime.

And expect more for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. 😉10481134_10153520129069823_1290069192677282664_o IMG_5390 IMG_5411 IMG_5443 IMG_5464 IMG_5510 IMG_5573 IMG_5617 IMG_5631 IMG_5649 IMG_5400 IMG_5416 IMG_5431 IMG_5448 IMG_5503 IMG_5527 IMG_5601 IMG_5522 IMG_5452

Here are some of the awesome photos of the event for you to see!