A Look at SCE’s 2013 Bridal Showcase Calendar

In 2013, the SCE Event Group is taking the NJ wedding world by storm and will be featured at, as of this moment, twenty-nine different bridal showcases in just three short months.  From January to March, the West Long Branch based  SCE Event Group will be performing all over New Jersey and looking to meet all of the future brides and grooms in the area.

Multiple locations same day, yep... two, sometimes three showcases in one day can be a challenge, but we’ve gladly accepted it and are excited to show you some of the amazing options available for your celebration from us at SCE.  We are looking forward to another amazing year working with WeddingSetGoWeddings of DistinctionElegant Bridal, and American Bride.  If you, a relative,  or a friend is engaged, come see us at any of the bridal shows listed below!

If you are interested about a totally unique bridal performance experience, save the date for February 20th and please consider RSVPing to our Private Bridal Affair.

To reserve your slot, please contact SCE at 888-278-0900 or email Kira directly at Kira@sceeventgroup.com or complete the registraition form on the Private Showcase Event page on the Weddings tab of our site.  It's a great opportunity to meet all of the SCE talent and hear about all that we can offer you for your once in a lifetime celebration!

 Twenty-nine bridal showcases in the first three months of the year?  You may call us crazy; we call us driven.


01/06/2013 @ The Imperia (Booth) 01/09/2013 @ Gramercy Ballroom (Performance) 01/13/2013 @ The Ashford Estate  (Booth) 01/13/2013 @ Jacques Reception Center 01/16/2013 @Battleground Country Club  (Performance) 01/19/2013 @ Mallard Island- Stateroom  (Booth) 01/20/2013 @ Branches  (Booth) 01/20/2013 @Bonnet Island Estate  (Booth) 01/20/2013 @ Southgate Manor  (Booth) 01/22/2013 @ Richfield Regency (Performance) 01/27/2013 @ Brookdale College (Performance) 01/30/2013 @ Crystal Point Yacht Club (Details TBD) 02/06/2013 @ Eagle Oaks Country Club  (Booth) 02/09/2013 @ Bonnet Island Estate  (Booth) 02/10/2013 @ The Avenue  (DJ/Booth) 02/17/2013 @ Hyatt-Princeton (Performance) 02/20/2013  SCE PRIVATE EVENT (Performance) 02/24/2013  @ Poland Springs Arena (Performance) 02/27/2013  @ McCloone's Pier House  (Booth) 03/03/2013  @ Crystal Point Yacht Club  (Booth) 03/03/2013  @ The NJ Expo Center-Edison (Performance) 03/05/2013  @ Eagle Ridge Golf Club (Performance) 03/10/2013   @ Ashford Estate  (Booth) 03/10/2013   @ The Imperia (Performance) 03/13/2013   @ Battleground Country Club (Performance) 03/19/2013   @ Richfield Regency (Performance) 03/20/2013   @ Jacques Reception Center (Performance) 03/21/2013   @ Gramercy Ballroom (Performance) 03/24/2013  @ Bonnet Island Estate  (Booth)