JSG & SCE rock another wedding at the Addison Park

Event Recap courtesy of Jeff Scott Gould and the SCE Event Group at the incredible  Addison Park in Aberdeen, New Jersey. 
On December 1st of 2012, Rachel and WIll put together a soundtrack of all of the songs they wanted to be played during their celebration from the very first song of the cocktail hour all the way until the final song played as a way to say goodbye to their guests.Here is a look of the timeline and playlist of their wedding at the incredible Addison Park that went a little something like this:As guests entered cocktail hour vibe was a mix of throwback, classics and new jams.  Songs that people could bounce to, sing along with, and almost want to dance to.  In my opinion, that first hour is pretty important for both setting the mood and setting up the guests psyche for introductions.  The guests are hearing some of the bride and grooms favorite artists/songs - setting the tone.
At 8pm, the doors open from cocktail hour and we up the tempo to dance them into the room.  What I mean by that is we program our welcome tracks to get people to move a bit as they get acclimated to the room as opposed to them walking from point A to point B.  Rachel and Will had one of those "big personalities" bridal party so we came up with a song for each couple to walk into.  Its an awesome way to let the bridal have fun and show off a bit as well as the guests really getting to enjoy "the show" right from the top.  Songs ranged from "We Fly High" to "Love Shack" to Ne-Yo to "Danza Kuduro".  While all this is going on our LightScaping was reacting to every segment to increase the drama of every individual moment.
As we rolled into the first dance everything went white.  Our lighting arsenal included wireless, battery powered LED uplighting, Intelligent moving fixtures and our new members to our portfolio, the brilliant LED moving wash fixtures.  Using our lighting and a few theatrical components, we were able to really dial into the Winter Wonderland theme.As we moved through the celebration, we  it was an organic blend of colors, music, family and friends throughout the rest of the night. Rachel and Will nailed it with the music they wanted to hear and also allowing me some room to read the crowd and keep things moving.  And that's something, I gotta say, that I really appreciate.  When a couple comes in and trusts your professionalism enough to fill the gaps and put their "must plays" in the perfect spot…….that's a good recipe!I edited two vLogs for this event.  
Part 1 has a JSG welcome with grand introductions, right into their first dance.  Part 2 is the reception highlights along with a cameo performance at the very end. As you look at both, notice how the lighting, the music, and the vibe all work together from beginning to end.i also want to thank the Addison Park staff, as always, for being flawless in their presentation.  We are honored to work at this fabulous location so often.

Check out some of the amazing video footage below: