7 Steps to an excellent Best Man's Toast #SCEWeddings

Most of us have been to weddings, and have had to endure the pain of a terrible Best Man Toast.   Sometimes the toast is so bad you can hear the crickets chirping in the background and no one wants that... Don't worry, we have you covered with these simple steps so you cannot go wrong!

1. DO NOT THANK ANYONE! The big first rookie mistake is thanking the guests/audience for being there. Almost everyone says it, and the people who just spoke before you probably thanked everyone already. For you to say it is basically telling everyone "Hey, here comes my terrible, boring speech". So don't do it!

2. MAKE FUN OF YOUR SPEAKING SKILLS. Sometimes a good way to win over the audience is to poke fun at yourself. Most likely the audience is rooting for you, but if it comforts you to let them know how nervous you are, go for it! It'll make everyone laugh, and help put you at ease.

wedding-toast3. KNOW THE AUDIENCE. This is crucial because if you say anything inapproriate, you're going to get a lot of dirty looks. The bachelor party has passed, and that's where it should stay, in the past! Don't make the mistake of ruining the groom's image. Most of the people attending the wedding probably look at him as a saint, so don't take that away from them.

4. BEING A CRY BABY. Hey look, I get it, you're a guy and want to seem like one. But crying during your toast can score big points! It will make the audience become emotional, and they will earn a whole new respect for you. If you're single, you also scored big points with all the single ladies at the wedding. Remember though, crying's not for everyone, so don't try and fake it! People will sniff out a fake easily, and will then lose respect for you.

5. SPEAK, DON'T READ. No one wants to hear your monotone voice, and reading off a piece of paper will assure that. Relax, be yourself and speak from the heart. Try practicing your toast at home a few times with some friends or family. By the time it's your turn to speak, it will just flow out naturally. Just think about it, have you ever given credit to a speech read off of a piece of paper? Didn't think so.

6. BE YOURSELF. There's nothing worse than watching somebody try and be someone they're not. It doesn't look authentic, and the audience will see right through your fakeness. So don't go stealing and copying toasts off the internet, which you were probably doing just now and came across this article by chance. Stealing toasts will not sound like it came from you and it will be obvious. Also, it will be harder to speak trying to remember lines you didn't create. Nothing wrong with stealing a few jokes from the internet though. But they better be funny!

7. JUST HAVE FUN! Have fun with it! Don't look at this as something terrible. Weddings are meant to be fun and happy, so don't be scared. Before you know it, the toast will be over, and you'll be partying the night away with friends and family!