Tossing the Bouquet; no right or wrong!

For some brides, tossing the bouquet is a moment that they have been dreaming about their entire lives.  It’s the moment they have practiced over and over again, taking turns with their childhood friend, while playing dress up.  It’s the moment that most single ladies dread throughout the entirety of the reception until the time inevitably comes.  Tossing the bouquet is a tradition that is timeless, but it seems as though the brides of today have somewhat faded it out.  However, for our traditional brides, tossing the bouquet is staying alive and becoming more unique as the years go on.

There are many ways to toss a bouquet, no right or wrong.  There is the classic, over-the-shoulder lob which never fails.  Some brides decide to take it up a notch and launch their bouquet into a crowd from up above, on a balcony or staircase overlooking their guests.  Many brides take their female family and friends outside of the venue and watch their gals scramble for those significant, “lucky” flowers.  Any of these choices, if you are in fact a traditional bride, will make for an unforgettable moment.  Being in the wedding industry, we have seen more bouquet tosses than you could possibly imagine and it never gets old!  The priceless look on the brides face after she whips around to see who caught the flowers makes it all worth it.  Check out how this bold bride decided to toss her bouquet, it’s something definitely worth watching!