'Yours, Mine, & Ours'

‘Yours, Mine, & Ours’: How to satisfy your parents, their parents, and have your ideal wedding celebration!

Are you a ‘people pleaser’?  Are you constantly worrying about everyone else’s wants and needs before your own?  We love that our couples are caring and selfless, but this moment is all about you!  Throughout the wedding planning process, there are a countless amount of decisions that must be made in order to plan your perfect wedding day.  We know that you can’t make them without your entourage that is so heavily involved from the very beginning.  So how involved is too involved?  How can you satisfy all of the requests of your family and friends while still getting everything you want for your once in a lifetime celebration?  Here are some tips and advice on the balancing act of the entertainment planning process!


1) Open communication with your partner:  You and your fiance are a team.  Discuss exactly which types of musical genres you are interested in and come up with a rough list of songs that you want to hear and do not want to hear during your wedding reception.  By coming up with a plan together, it’ll be much easier to support each other and stand your ground when crazy requests and suggestions are coming your way!


2) Talk to your entourage:  Tell your family and friends involved in your wedding planning about the progress you have made with your entertainment group.  Let your entourage know that you are open to any musical suggestions they have.  It’s important to make your family and friends feel appreciated and to thank them for all of their support throughout the wedding planning process!


3) Special Dances/Moments:  If your entourage gets to the point where they are telling you which songs you should use for your special dances during the reception and you already had songs in mind, be gentle and honest with them.  Express how much you love the songs that they thought of, but that you and your fiance already have songs in mind.  These moments that occur during the reception are personal and intimate to you and the songs should reflect the feelings you have towards that special someone you had saved a dance for.  Don’t be afraid to respectfully put your foot down.  After all, it’s your big day!

When planning a wedding, decisions will never be made solely by you and your fiance.  Your parents, their parents, the bridal party, and everyone in between will always have their opinions.  We understand that extra pressure can be overwhelming, but know that you are loved and that your entourage just wants you and your fiance to be happy!  Be sure to involve your loved ones by asking for their advice and suggestions on specific details in order to make them feel needed while still maintaining control of the planning.  Need a couple tips to make everyone happy?  Play your parents and or your fiance’s parent’s wedding songs at some point in the night.  That’s a special, thoughtful gesture that is sure to please everyone’s folks!  How about playing some of the musical genres that your entourage likes during the different courses?  Comprise and balance is key!  We’re here to assist you in balancing all of your needs, your entourage’s wants, and to make sure that your once in a lifetime celebration is everything and more than you ever imagined it would be!